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Ashen builders announce open world motion RPG Flintlock: The Siege Of Daybreak



Mar 18, 2022

Ashen excited me with only a few seconds of animation in a tweet, again earlier than it even had a reputation. The brand new game from builders A44 has been introduced with significantly extra grandeur through a cinematic (however in-engine) trailer. It is… lots much less thrilling for it. However Flintlock: The Siege Of Daybreak sounds extra attention-grabbing in writing: it is an open world motion RPG wherein you utilize axes, weapons and magic to combat previous gods.

Here is the trailer:

I get excited when a trailer reveals me one thing novel to do, however the Flintlock trailer suggests you may spend lots of time preventing zombies or skeletons. I additionally get excited when a trailer reveals me someplace novel, or unusual or stunning, to discover, however the Flintlock trailer makes it appear like its set in Smoky Dirtville. None of that is interesting.

There are, in equity, glimpses inside the trailer of extra attention-grabbing components of the game. There’s your mystical pet/companion, Enki, who we see preventing and remodeling alongside the protagonist, Nor Vanek. There’s additionally a glimpse of a way more attention-grabbing enemy on the trailer’s finish, which I assume is among the Outdated Gods.

My frustrations with the trailer apart, having made Ashen is purpose sufficient to be enthusiastic about A44’s subsequent mission. Brendan thought it fell barely quick in Darkish Souls comparisons in his Ashen overview, however in any other case discovered it a “beautiful panorama of a game”, with satisfying fight and Journey-fied multiplayer. (There’s nothing to counsel Flintlock will assist any sort of co-op.)

Re-reading Brendan’s overview, in reality, makes me significantly excited for a brand new open world from this studio – one that can once more embody crumbling ruins and large cities. Flintlock: The Siege Of Daybreak is due for launch in 2022 and you’ll find some extra posed photographs on its Steam web page.

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