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Arcade Archives Rolling Thunder, Qix gameplay



Mar 20, 2022

Throughout its newest stay stream this week, Famitsu confirmed off gameplay from Arcade Archives Rolling Thunder and Arcade Archives Qix. We’ve got a prolonged have a look at each titles on Change.

Right here’s a short overview of the video games:

Rolling Thunder

Rolling Thunder is an motion game launched by Namco in 1986.

Management the hero (codename: ALBATROSS) and infiltrate the key base of the GELDRA secret society as they plot to dominate the globe.

Expertise a hard-boiled journey with a wise hero within the lead.

This title incorporates three variations, every with barely totally different content material.


Qix is a line-drawing puzzle game developed by Taito America (the corporate’s US department) in 1981, then imported into Japan.

Gamers management the “Marker” to attract strains, closing off and controlling areas.

Keep away from the hostile “QIX” and “Sparx” that roam the stage, and work to manage at the very least 75% of the stage!

Check out the stay stream recording of Arcade Archives Rolling Thunder and Qix under.

Arcade Archives Rolling Thunder and Arcade Archives Qix might be bought now on the Change eShop.

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