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A fast have a look at 2022 7DRL Problem video games



Mar 23, 2022

The 7 Day Roguelike Problem was earlier this month with over 200 video games submitted. I’ve spent the previous week and half taking part in numerous video games and I’ve additionally seen some streamed. That also means I’ve tried solely a small variety of video games and Game Jams are inclined to result in extra experimental video games.

Here’s a number of ten video games I like to recommend from the game jam.


Svarogue experimented along with your weapon being separate from you. You’ll be able to telekinetically transfer it round. Including two characters to maneuver could make the game laborious to play however I feel the developer did an excellent job with it right here.

Mercury Salvage

The developer of Mercury Salvage has entered for the previous 14 years. As such he begins with an engine he understands very nicely and he posted about his improvement within the game jam boards. I knew it seemed superb and the gameplay is the same as the paintings.

You play as an worker salvaging ships. You could discover items of scrap, survivors, the black field and kill any creatures on board. You have got an air hose of restricted size and a gun. You’ll be able to detach from the air hose for a restricted time. It’s a nice expertise.


This game seems to be extra like a conventional roguelike. It’s a stunning game. The forest era is superb. You’ll be able to solely journey on the paths however can see between among the tree so it does not really feel like laborious partitions you discover in most roguelikes. The trail and bushes aren’t one color however totally different shades of brown and inexperienced.

You journey right into a limestone chasm to attempt to discover your father.

Saturday Evening One Shot

This game additionally has superior artwork route. You present up in your weekly game however this week the game grasp is working a one shot. You see the whole dungeon however not the content material of the rooms. The type is designed to seem like a map from a game grasp would possibly make. The journey log has the game grasp tells you if the monster hits and the way a lot injury you are taking.

Puzzle Crawl

There are video games that mix genres within the contest. Puzzle Crawl shouldn’t be a match three game. You’ll be able to match blocks lower than three to my preliminary shock. There are a selection of monsters on the board you may defeat. The blocks you activate earlier than attending to the monster alter your stats briefly or grant expertise factors. As you stage up you may abilities and you could find gadgets in treasure chests. The game was made for the Pico-Eight digital console.

The Omega Rod

The Omega Rod drops flip based mostly play for actual time. It feels just like Enter The Gungeon. As a substitute of a gun, you’re a wizards with a single rod to begin with. You acquire extra rods as you defeat monsters. You additionally acquire skills. Some skills at all times have an effect on you. Some skills solely work with rods in sure subgroups like wands.

Amulet Raider

Amulet Raider is one other actual time game. It combines Rogue with the gameplay of XQuest (Crystal Quest). I have never performed XQuest to my data. The character will get momentum from the motion of the mouse. You don’t cease robotically. You’ll be able to fireplace within the route you might be travelling. There are potions which may grant invulnerability. You’ll be able to have a look at a big map however the game doesn’t pause.

Dungeon Staff

The developer lists this as an incomplete roguelike with a workforce of characters. This isn’t the one squad based mostly entry within the game jam I performed however regardless of being unfinished I appreciated this one the very best. The opposite characters will robotically assault if not being managed. They can not be instructed to observe which is my largest criticism. The graphical model has good paintings. The developer contains the supply code however no license which is unlucky.

Little Islands Angler

Do not feel like crawling round a dungeon. You’ll be able to at all times go fishing. Your aim is to catch the jaguar shark however you must advance in stage earlier than you are able to do that. It’s a nicely polished game.

Rogue Renegade

Some entries stretch the roguelike or roguelite style greater than others. This one is a real-time shoot em up written for the PICO-8. The graphics are nicely performed. You’ll be able to select your ship and also you get upgrades throughout your play-through.

The game jam and all submissions will be discovered on itch.io.

Article taken from GamingOnLinux.com.

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