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70% of Elden Ring gamers have conquered the primary robust boss



Mar 15, 2022

Elden Ring hasn’t even been with us for a full three weeks but, however gamers are making surprisingly good progress by means of The Lands Between. For veteran Souls gamers and newcomers alike, Stormveil Fortress boss Margit the Fell Omen represented the game’s first main talent examine. He is a troublesome boss—robust sufficient to ship plenty of gamers again out into the wild to discover and degree up for 10 or 20 hours earlier than coming again to stomp on his outsized scorpion tail. 

Most gamers have returned to stomp him, although: based on Steam achievements, a formidable 70.4% of all Elden Ring gamers have defeated Margit. And a majority have gone on to clear Stormveil Fortress and beat its lord, Godrick, too: that achievement has a 61% completion price. I really feel unhealthy for the roughly 8% of gamers who’ve crushed Godrick however have not found out how you can restore energy to the good rune he drops—that buff’s a lifesaver!

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