The International 2022 is being played in Singapore and the Peruvians are giving the time with one of the best participations to date in the World Cup dota 2.

Thunder Awaken Y beast coast are still in competition after the elimination of one of the revelation teams of the contest: Hokori. Playing in person from Suntec Singapore, our compatriots have clear chances of reaching the final and here we tell you the path they must follow.

The path of Peruvians to reach The International 2022

Thunder Awaken

Thunder Awaken It is the team that has the most chances to reach the World Cup final. dota 2.

Currently, it is in the winners bracket and has secured the 6th place of the contest after defeating Evil Geniuses.

To reach the final, you need to defeat Team Secret in a series to the best 3 games and then win the final of the upper bracket; that is, he only needs two more victories.

The duel against team Secret It will be played this October 22 at 3 in the morning in a best of three games series.

In the event that you lose any of the series, you still have one more chance since you will fall to the lower bracket, where you must play up to a maximum of three extra games to get your pass.

beast coast

beast coast He has things more complicated because all his series are direct elimination: they will not have a second chance.

On the way to the final, they need to win four more series to be able to be present at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, the sports venue where the final keys will be played.

They are all best-of-three-game series and we already know who their next rival will be: the Chinese powerhouse PSG.LGD. It will be played this October 22 at 9 pm.

How much money is at stake in The International 2022?

Till the date, The International 2022 has collected 17 million dollars in prizes, amount that can go up on the way to the final.

Thunder Awaken has already insured $602,000, while beast coast He already has $430,000 to his credit. If they reach the final, they will have insured more than 2.2 million dollars and, if they win the TI, they will win a prize greater than 7.7 million dollars.

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