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Harvest your own kiwis from the garden!

What is an Actinidia and why grow kiwis in your garden?

Originally from China, the Kiwi (Actinidia Chinensis), which is therefore also called chinese gooseberryis a large liana with branches and downy leaves that gives, from autumnon female plants (dioecious plant), small hairy fruits packed with vitamin C (83 mg/100 g of fresh fruit) about 7 centimeters long. It is a very healthy fruit that contains antioxidants and a very large amount of fibers.

From harvest to harvest, after 7 or 8 years old of culture, we can manage to obtain more 20 kg of fruit per plant! After harvest, the fruit can be stored for several weeks.

Which varieties to choose?

It exists different varieties of actinidia. The kiwi belongs to the genus Actinidia which includes about fifty species. About 5 to 6 meters apart, each male kiwi plant will be planted for 5-6 female plants. There are self-fertile varieties like the Kiwi Solissimo (Renact) which quickly gives large fruits and a very good production which can go up to 80kg for one foot. It is relatively hardy and can withstand temperatures up to minus 15°C.

New varieties such as the pair of Weiki ® Plus Red Kiwifruit (1 male and 1 female) gives fruits of 3 centimeters, purple flesh and red hairless skin, very sweet, they are eaten with the skin. Their culture is rather reserved for the mild climate (oceanic, Mediterranean).

the Kiwi actinidia arguta Ken’s Red is close to the classic kiwi, but smaller in size. In fact, its size 2.5 to 4 centimeters, has a smooth purple-red skin and a very sweet flesh. It grows in all types of soil.

Kiwi actinidia is not hardy, but its cultivation is possible in the Paris region and even further north.

Where and how to plant kiwi?

To plant an actinidia kiwi, it must be planted in the fall, ideally in November Decemberproviding sufficient soil rich, humus, deep and not too compact. It is necessary to count a male actinidia kiwi plant for 4 to 5 female plants.

The first harvests take place after 4 to 5 years of cultivation approximately, then every year, from October, before the first frosts.

Vigorous, the actinidia kiwi can be threatened by floods and by Pseudomonas syringae pv. Actinidiaea bacterium that has settled in orchards in the southwest since 2010.

How to properly care for actinidia?

The actinidia is easy to maintain. The plant should be allowed to develop along a supporta pergola or a wall well exposed to the sun or partly shaded, by providing it with a trellis so that its twining branches can roll up.

Some branches can reach 8 to 10 meters longit is advisable, if necessary, to limit its development by folding back the branches a little.

We will seek to obtain a fan shape so that the sunshine of the branches is total. It will be necessary to trellis the branches regularly as they develop so that they take the best orientation possible. During the growing season, it is important to water the actinidia regularly.

The actinidia of the garden: a pledge of abundant harvest

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