Geoff Keighleyevent organizer as Summer Game Fest either The Game Awardsis one of the best-known figures in the video game industry and is known by many to maintain constant tension with the organization of E3 every year.

Despite the fact that 2022 has been known as the “non-E3” year, the Summer Game Fest de Keighley was present (generating all kinds of opinions).

After the conformation of the return of the E3 2023, It didn’t take Keighley a second to promote Summer Game Fest on Twitterwhich demonstrated the bad relationship of both events.

The best of No E3 for the writing of Hobby Consolas

Now, another important appointment is about to arrive for the journalist and presenter. We talk about The Game Awardsthe gala in which the best games of the year are chosen and where the presence of over 50 game announcements and “world premieres”.

Geoff Keighley has spoken about what we should expect from the event, but also has talked about E3 2023 for the first time and in a more extensive way. This is what he thinks of the return of the fair:

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Geoff Keighley weighs in on the return of E3 2023

As many of you already know, E3 2023 returns with a new organizer, the ReedPop company, also in charge of bringing PAX to life. Novelties are expected within this must-see event for all video game lovers.

We’re all interested to see what ReedPop does with that brand.Keighley commented in an interview with We are very focused on the Summer Game Fest; we feel very good about the momentum behind what we are doing there with all our partnersadded.

I think E3 is a brand name. And for me, the question is: who participates? What is the experience? What is that going to be? Hopefully, there will be some more details about it.

Keighley moved away from comparatives and encompassed E3 in a wholebeyond an event with its own voice. It’s really a time of year more than anything. I think people use the E3 brand because we’ve known about it for 20 years, but to me, it’s just gaming news that happens in June.

Regarding his event, the journalist commented the following: We’re committed to doing something really big in the summer, working with game companies. We haven’t announced many details of what we’re doing next year, but we’re just going to grow with our plans around that.

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