Founded in 2005, the Pure Deco online store offer you a collection of decorative objects and designer furniture of the trendiest brands. Passionate about decoration, the founder is always looking for objects and furniture to embellish your daily life. From the entrance to the kitchen, through the bedroom or the garden, Pure Deco strives to offer you ever more aesthetics and originality in its choice of objects or furniture for your interior decoration. . Small spaces or large living spaces, lovers of the Scandinavian or warm style or design, Pure Deco is there to satisfy your desires and help you personalize your interior.

From scandinavian design with Broste Copenhagen, nude , Farm Living Where Bloomingville to the hottest brands like Umbrathem Design and original rugs EditoPlay and Go for children’s room decoration, the Pure Deco shop, there are thousands of items at the fairest price to make design accessible to everyone. Our online store gives pride of place to French designers and design brands represented in particular by Queen MotherSun Flower, ObjectLemon Press and many more to discover…

Pure Deco also supports professionals in their furnishing and decoration project for restaurants, hotels, offices or even decorators for the layout of spaces with a wide choice of lighting, designer wall shelf, furniture and decorative accessories. Do not hesitate to contact us to open a professional account.

Since 2011, we also welcome you to our shop located in Toulouse where you can admire our most beautiful pieces such as the Eclipse lamp, the cloud pendant lightour wall hooks or even the Mathy By Bols tent bed as well as directly withdraw your orders placed on the online store.

Concept store, ephemeral shops or specialized stores, a decoration store in Toulouse must above all be a design specialist. Interior decoration can be Scandinavian, retro, contemporary, trendy or even modern. But to exist, it requires high quality items designed by the biggest design brands.
French brands, European brands, eco-responsible brands or Scandinavian brands, your decoration store in Toulouse offers you a complete collection of accessories and furniture.

Pure Deco, a store specializing in and loving decoration in Toulouse

When talking about decoration, it is necessary to turn to a design specialist. This trend expert allows you to discover very good quality, original and unforgettable items at the best price.

Decoration is the DNA of your Pure Deco store

Passionate about decoration, the founder of Pure Deco carefully selects original objects to furnish each room of the house. Thanks to his work and his love of decoration, art and trendy design are invited into everyday life through, for example:

  • wall shelves;
  • original lamps;
  • rugs for the living room or bedroom;
  • trendy armchairs;
  • wooden coat hooks;
  • garden furniture;
  • tableware for children;
  • wall decoration;
  • coated tablecloths;
  • etc

The greatest designers of the moment imagine original, durable objects that give soul to a room. These are rare items offered at the best price that you can find in your decoration shop in Toulouse.

Online store or store in Toulouse: buy your decorative accessories as you wish

To meet all your interior decoration needs, Pure Deco gives you the choice of making your purchases online or in store. Indeed, the Pure Deco website brings together a complete collection of trendy objects. You benefit from the best guarantees to buy your items or your furniture online:

  • Secure payment ;
  • quick delivery ;
  • promotions;
  • detailed product sheets;
  • photos of items;
  • responsive customer service;
  • satisfaction guarantee;
  • etc

But Pure Deco is also a shop located in the Toulouse Côte Pavée district. Buy your home decoration and your furniture online or come and discover them in your decoration shop in Toulouse.

The guarantees offered by your decoration store in Toulouse

Online or in the heart of a famous district of Toulouse, Pure Deco chooses to offer you quality at the best price in all circumstances. Indeed, among the complete collection of products selected by your decoration and design specialist, you will only find objects and furniture offering excellent value for money.
In addition, Pure Deco products are distinguished by their originality. You will discover on the shelves of the store or on the online site of very large design brands, such as:

  • Bloomingville;
  • Brita Sweden;
  • Editorial;
  • Sun Flower;
  • Gangzai Design;
  • Mathy By Bols;
  • Object;
  • Play and Go;
  • Qwetch;
  • Queen Mother ;
  • etc

Scandinavian atmosphere, Italian creations or even French manufacturing, you will find products to personalize your interior to your image.

A decoration store in Toulouse to meet all design desires

For lovers of the Scandinavian spirit or those who prefer the retro atmosphere, for dynamic executives, families with children or young retirees, the design meets all needs. In Toulouse, Pure Deco stands out for the quality of its articles and the wealth of its advice.

Personalize each room in your home with original decorative accessories

The decoration invites itself into the layout of each room. To follow your decoration projects, each space can be transformed:

  • a house or apartment;
  • a private space or a corporate office;
  • a garden, a balcony or a terrace;
  • a child’s room or a master bedroom;
  • a kitchen or a bathroom;
  • a hallway or entrance hall;
  • a dining room or a living room;
  • etc

Whether you want a new atmosphere in your living room or whether you want to offer an original gift, you will be able to treat yourself and please thanks to your decoration shop in Toulouse.
An eclipse lamp, a wall mirror, a wooden clock, a colored placemat, wallpaper, a chalkboard painting or even a trinket tray, bring art into your interior and give style to your life. .
Among all the stores and decoration shops in Toulouse, Pure Deco offers you personalized advice. Indeed, a passionate and fascinating decorator as well as a dynamic team serve as your guide to fulfill all your wishes during your shopping.

Decorative accessories for a professional furnishing or design project

The living environment is important in the private sphere, but also in the business world. Decoration and design thus cross the doors of the company to:

  • promote the well-being of employees;
  • stimulate creativity;
  • optimize customer reception;
  • work on the image of a brand;
  • etc

So, for a furnishing or professional design project, come and meet your favorite decorator in Toulouse. She will be able to provide you with personalized decoration advice and she will help you to make your purchases of accessories and designer furniture.
Create a new office concept, give style to a building after renovation or bring a Scandinavian and retro touch to offices, you choose items and furnishings according to your project and your budget.
Whether your company is located in Blagnac, next to the Saint-Georges shopping center, in the Saint-Étienne district or in another city in France, your decoration shop in Toulouse ships your products to the address of your choice. But Pure Deco does not stop at deliveries to Toulouse or France. Indeed, your decoration shop also ships your list of products worldwide.

To conclude, Pure Deco is a shop that gives you the opportunity to satisfy all your decoration dreams. In a sleek, modern, contemporary, Scandinavian or retro style, dress up your life with useful, remarkable and trendy items, available in stock at low prices.

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