Gardeners know they need rain as much as they need sun! And these days, it’s a blow one, a blow the other. You have to organize your schedule well to work in the garden.

And yet the month of November is important. It is not Véronique Batailler who will say the opposite. His latest post on the Facebook page of the city of Ussel bears witness to this.

Véronique Batailler intervenes every month on Facebook to give advice on the garden. Her work as a facilitator within the social space of La Jaloutre naturally led her to develop a passion for gardening, in connection with allotment gardens.

At Sainte-Catherine…

“The oldest in the allotment gardens like to stick to their methods, but the youngest are open to new ways of managing their crops, observes Véronique. So of course, I work a lot on these issues, permaculture, natural fertilizers…”

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His latest post on Facebook talks about the need to protect his winter vegetables “to continue his harvest serenely. This is true for leeks, cabbage, all cucurbits, winter lettuces, if they have already been planted. »

Thus, we read in Véronique’s pen “that a wintering tunnel must be open from time to time and must be ventilated”. We also talk about storing vegetables in silos, how to make a silo in “recycling” mode or planting fruit trees: Véronique Batailler recalls the old adage that “at Sainte-Catherine, all wood takes root. »
Moreover, on Sunday, in Saint-Clément, on the occasion of the celebration of the family orchard of the Apple-crunchers, many visitors left with young trees to put in the ground. “As long as the earth is still a little warm in summer and autumn,” confirms Véronique Batailler.

In his previous post of October 14, the theme was: What to plant for the winter. On the vegetable garden side, of course, but also on the ornamental garden side.
Publications that deserve to keep the link with the operators of the allotment gardens, but also with the families of Ussel. “Every three months, we try to organize an event,” explains the gardener. Sometimes in connection with the CPIE who really has the skills for this, sometimes just between us, and around the life of the garden. »

The oyas, quesaco?

For the year 2023, the ideas are launched: composting with earthworms, making a wild meadow bloom, good and bad neighborhoods between crops, nesting boxes and shelters for birds or even the restoration of honor to an ancestral watering system, namely the use of oyas, these microporous clay pots that are buried in the ground filled with water and which diffuse the humidity to perfection.

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In the coming months, on the city’s Facebook page, Véronique will talk about planting flowers and shrubs, but also, very interestingly, about crop rotation in the garden. “Especially since winter is a good time to plan the garden for the following year. »

What else ? “Well, the thing to remember is to clean your tools well before putting them away, so as not to multiply the bacteria. And of course, don’t forget to put in your garden hose. ” Message received !
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