The International 2022the world of dota 2, started its main event and the games of the first date surprised all the fans of this esport. the peruvian team Thunder Awaken secured the top 6 of the competition by defeating 2-0 Evil Geniuses Y beast coastanother squad with players from our country, defeated and eliminated Hokori -also with compatriots in his line-up- of the tournament.

After finishing their decisive game, the official presenters of The International 2022 they approached Steven “Stinger” Momani Y Hector “K1” Rodrigueztwo of the Peruvian players of beast coastto ask his opinion about the confrontation against Hokori and the impressions it left on them.


Having finished fifth in their respective table in the group stage, Hokori he had the opportunity to choose the team he would face in his first and -possibly- only game that he would play in the main event of The International 2022. Despite having Entity also available, the Peruvian-Brazilian lineup opted for beast coast and the South American duel was agreed.

“I think we just knew them already and we thought they were going to choose Entityor something like that was what we had heard, and when they chose us it was something like ‘betrayal’ (laughs)”declared Stinger When asked about the choice of Hokori. “We just got more focused on the game”he added.

For his part, K1 was somewhat more understanding with the decision made by Hokori for this decisive game. “I think they did it because they knew us and it was better for their draft”said the player in his mini interview. In addition, he applauded the great moment he is going through Thunder Awaken and hopes it will continue like this as it could mean more recognition for South America.

What’s coming for Peru in the Dota 2 World Cup

Now that the first date is over and Hokori was eliminated from the competition, Thunder Awaken Y beast coast They are the representatives of our region who must continue to fight games in order to aspire to the championship.

Talking about beast coastwill have to face Evil Geniuses in a series to the best of 3 (Bo3) in the lower bracket of the tournament. This North American power descends to this key after having lost 2 to 0 against Thunder Awaken on the upper bracket. If successful, Beastcoast will have secured the top 8 of the tournament and some $425,000 in prizes. This meeting will take place at 3:00 in the morning on Friday, October 21.

On the other hand, Thunder Awaken You will have a little more time to rest and develop your strategy against your next opponent: Team Secret. The Peruvian squad will face off in a Bo3 against this powerful lineup next Saturday, October 22 at 3:00 in the morning. If they manage to win, the Peruvians will have secured the top 4 of the tournament and just over US$1 million in prizes.

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