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For you, we offer you our best service

Because your construction sites are not waiting for us, because your mower will always let you go when you are mowing (or wanting to mow!), because the joint of your tap will give up the ghost when you clean this last plate.. .

At, we know that the speed of dispatch is an important criterion for all do-it-yourselfers. Also, we make every effort to deliver to you as quickly as possible, we even send our packages on Saturday mornings. You can also, if you wish, choose to have it delivered by express. To provide you with the maximum of services, we also offer the collection of your products at a relay point or in one of our three stores in the Vosges within an hour.

Most of the products we offer are stored in site quantities, to allow you to receive your package as soon as possible. Do you need 500 flush-mounting boxes and we only have 300 in stock? Ask us for a personalized quote to benefit from the best price and to be informed of the lead time.

The best DIY and gardening products

For us, all do-it-yourselfers must be able to access affordable products, all do-it-yourselfers must be able to access quality advice, all do-it-yourselfers must find thoughtful products in the common interest. Our philosophy at is to bring you quality products and quality advice. So that in the end quality does not cost more.

We select for you the best products, those who really have the best quality / price ratio. We test most of the products we sell, and we are as demanding with our suppliers as you can be with us. We are specialists and we will find excellent products for you for gardening or DIY. We also have a team dedicated to motorized cultivation.

We work with major brands such as Bosch, Metabo, Husqvarna, Karcher, Legrand, etc. But also with lesser-known manufacturers who have real know-how that we want to promote.

Among the products you can find on the site:

  • The tools: all the machines and hand tools that can be useful for you to tinker well, from the drill to the combination wrench
  • Electricity: whether it is to renovate a room or the construction of a new house. Equipment, bulbs, lights…
  • The painting : redo a room to feel good there or fix up your gate before it gets rusty.
  • Plumbing : in case of a leak or to redo your bathroom. Heating is also included, for long winter nights by the fireplace
  • Hardware : to repair, fix, rethink a piece of furniture or any other object… Lots of objects to satisfy all your ideas
  • Protective clothing: to work safely. From the coast, to more specialized clothing.
  • The garden : to take advantage of the beautiful days of spring and summer, to make a small corner of the garden and to maintain its exterior. This may be the opportunity to test the robot mowers?
  • Removable parts : to fix what can be fixed. Original and adaptable parts. Bearings, belts and other wearing parts.

We have a very large stock of products in our stores, these are put online as and when. If you can’t find what you came for, we are available by phone to help you find it.

Each product is examined, its characteristics are published in detail. We regularly supplement our product information with the questions you ask us. Believe it, we’re really here to help.

Because after-sales service is also important

Because selling is good, but providing after-sales service is better, we offer you rigorously selected products to be able to ensure follow-up throughout the life of your product. Some of our products are even guaranteed for 5 years.

We have technicians specialized in the repair of electrical, hydraulic and mechanical equipment. Thus we can deal with most of the breakdowns that could occur on your machines during the warranty period and even after. We are equipped with specific tools to carry out our repairs and we continue to invest regularly to improve our after-sales service. It is a guarantee of quality.

If you prefer to maintain the equipment yourself, you can find a wide choice of adaptable and original spare parts on Also available on the site, most of the consumables adapted to your machine. And to top it off, we put our warehousemen at your disposal, to find with them the part you need on the manufacturer’s exploded views.

Buy online and collect in store or vice versa

We are a team of 35 employees, and what we appreciate above all (you will surely have understood it!), is to be able to help you. You will thus be able, during our opening hours, to be informed by our sales staff, who make their technical expertise available to you.

We have several stores located in the Vosges (in the North East of France) – in Saint-Amé, Charmes and Lamarche. If you wish, you can collect your product from one of our PETITJEAN stores.

We strive to offer the same service to our remote customers as our local customers. Also, if you wish, you can very well come to our stores to find out about our products and order later from your sofa to be delivered directly to your home. You choose.

So, all you have to do is order. The DIY store of the future is!

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