The term perennials is used by gardeners to refer to plants that regrow on their own every year. Some of them fear little frost and are called “hardy plants”. With little maintenance, perennials have the advantage of growing over the years and offering new flowers and … Read more

Perennials: plants that grow back every year in the garden

What are perennials and why grow them in your garden?

The term perennials is used by gardeners to refer to plants that regrow on their own every year. Some of them fear little frost and are called “hardy plants”. With little maintenance, perennials have the advantage of growing over the years and offering new flowers and green foliage year after year. Their petals in multiple bright colors, their shapes, textures and scents bring joy and freshness. They are ideal for simplifying your life in the garden.

Willemse France offers you thousands of different varieties. Let our horticultural experts guide you via our perennial plant collections ready to use: combinations of different coordinated varieties. Make your choice according to your desires and the space you wish to devote to them. For a sunny massiffor your pots or trays, to create shaded massifs… We guide you so that you can create a garden that suits you!

How to combine perennials with other plants?

Whether you are a seasoned gardener or a novice, you will have the opportunity to discover atypical and surprising plants: imposing blooms, evergreen colored foliage whose leaves do not fall in the dreary season.

The range of perennials that we offer is huge. Thus, to guide you, do not hesitate to consult our garden ideas.

By combining these plants with roses, shrubsspring and autumn bulbs, your garden, terrace or balcony will be green all year round!

Where to plant and how to maintain perennials?

It’s important to plant perennials in the garden at the right time. Whether you are a beginner, amateur or expert gardener, even if you say you do not have a green thumb, rest assured: planting perennials is everyone’s doorstep.

How to choose the perennials to plant for its exterior?

Know the flowering periods to choose your perennials

To make your choice, you must first consider the flowering period of perennials. For example, thehellbore and the primrose are part of the winter perennials, while the forget-me-not and the peony are part of the summer perennials. You will have understood: each season has its share of perennials. It will therefore be necessary to think ahead when the flowering will take place.

Knowing perennials can be planted at any time of the year, except, of course, during periods of frost or severe drought. Also, in areas that experience cold, wet winters, it is best to plant perennials from early spring through fall to allow plants to adjust to their new environment before winter arrives. In regions with milder climates, fall and late winter are good times to plant perennials in the garden, as they generally do not experience extreme weather conditions.

How to plant perennials in your outdoor garden?

To project yourself over the years, make a planting plan…

The realization of a planting plan is relevant so that you can visualize your garden over time.
On a sheet of paper, diagrammatically represent your bed of perennials and, depending on where it is in the garden, its orientation and your personal tastes, indicate, using different colors, the place where perennials will be planted.
Do not hesitate to mix flowering perennials with those whose intense green foliage will form a magnificent ground cover. To ensure a perspective for your perennial bed in the garden, plant taller plants at the back of the bed and smaller ones at the front. Then you just have to arrange the perennials in pots on the ground to consider the result you will obtain.

The purchase of perennials is generally done in pots or bare roots (roots are apparent, devoid of clod).

Plant a perennial purchased in a pot or bucket…

To plant your perennials in pots, start by clearing each plant of any damaged leaves and other faded flowers. Moisten the clod of soil by soaking it in water.

Plant each bucket by amending the soil in the intended place; to do this, simply add compost or organic matter to the soil. The hole in which you will plant your perennials should be wider than the root ball in the bucket, three times as deep is three times as wide. Place the clod, make sure the root is well buried in the ground and bring the soil back to the plant using a trowel. Tamp lightly and water abundantly. Since your perennials need water to take root well, it is a good idea to create a small gutter around the plant so that the water can be retained.

Planting a bare root perennial…

Bare-rooted perennials are planted in the same way, except for the roots, which you will take care to spread out. Also, if you are planting in warm weather, it is best to water the planting hole before placing the plant there.

How to maintain perennials to enhance them?

Caring for perennials is simple. Two elements are to be apprehended: watering and possible pruning.

When should you water perennials?

Well established in your garden space, perennials know how to draw on their own resources via their root system. To anchor them well in their cultivation soil, it is important to water them well when planting them (so that the soil includes the roots and rootlets well).

Water regularly in case of drought (morning or evening).

Why mulch the soil of perennials?

The method of mulching helps keep the soil cool in summer and protect plants in winter.

This “coverage” is important:
– it speeds up the appearance of weeds (or weeds),
– it limits watering (and therefore saves water),
– it keeps the ground cool in winter and limits the impact of cold and frost in winter.

Gardener’s advice during flowering…

During flowering, it is recommended to remove faded flowers and weeds and to monitor your plants. Some varieties are not immune to attacks by insects or other diseases, so they will have to be treated as soon as possible.
All these small gestures will make it possible to obtain a resplendent garden.

Perennials, exceptional blooms to be found every year in the garden!

Within the Willemse garden center you will also find:

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  • Advice for your garden? Detailed product sheets (watering, maintenance, sunshine, etc.) and our community of gardeners to discuss and advise you.
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