Find your cheap auto parts on the site of Carter-Cash and come and pick them up in one of the many stores in France. Since 2002, our professional teams passionate about cars have been deploying all their know-how and expertise at the service of motorists. In order to satisfy the needs of as many people as possible. In effect, Carter-Cash is committed to making it easier for motorists to maintain their cars themselves. By selling spare auto parts, it allows you to target parts or accessories that need to be pampered.

Car parts available in stock or on order are guaranteed at low prices all year round, regardless of the make and model of your vehicle. Take advantage of the opinions, advice and experience of our in-store teams to guide you in your purchases. We make it a point of honor to guarantee your satisfaction by being available to provide you with the best service at the best price.

Why buy auto parts from Carter-Cash

Be sure to benefit from good deals throughout the year with Carter-Cash : we are committed to finding you low prices on many car spare parts while always offering you the best quality. You can book your cheap auto parts on the site Carter-Cash and come the pick up in store within 1 hour. Some of our auto parts are also available in 48 hour delivery at home or at relay points with Chronopost / DPD. Online booking to order your car parts is 100% secure.

Where do the auto parts sold at Carter-Cash ?

Our car spare parts all come from European manufacturers. Among them, you will find auto parts from well-known brands in the automotive world such as Bosal, Valeo, Monroe… Always looking for a good deal, Carter-Cash also markets auto parts from other suppliers selected for the excellent quality/price ratio of their products. Also, the spare parts that we sell for the maintenance of your car are all guaranteed for 2 years.

Which car parts are marketed at Carter-Cash ?

We sell a wide range of car parts at low prices and for the majority of vehicles on the market, accessible in a few clicks. Simply fill in your license plate on the site and discover all the parts adapted to your vehicle by category: braking, filtration, steering, suspension, alternator and starter, exhaust, transmission… All the auto parts presented on our site are available directly in store stock for withdrawal in 1 hour or on order. You can also benefit from 48-hour home delivery or delivery to relay points with Chronopost / DPD on some of our auto parts.

brake auto parts

All the parts of the braking universe are at Carter-Cash with brake pads and discs, handbrake hoses and cables. Whatever your budget, this ensures your safety. Checking your brakes means starting by checking the thickness of your pads. Indeed, the thinner the thickness of the lining on the pad, the longer the stopping distance. It is therefore important to properly control the world of braking to protect the passengers in the passenger compartment of your vehicle. By going through the brake fluid, through the discs, the wheels, or even the drums, it is always possible to improve your braking and therefore improve safety. Carter-Cash puts all the necessary parts at your disposal, whatever the brand of your vehicle on its website. Simply enter your license plate on the site and discover all the parts suitable for your vehicle in the braking category. The site sells many quality brands such as Opel, Peugeot, Bellows, Toyota, Hyundai, Chrysler, Zastava and many more. Always looking for the right nice plan, Carter-Cash markets auto parts from other suppliers selected for the excellent quality/price ratio of their products. So you are sure to find what you are looking for!

Filters for your car

Find a wide range of air, fuel and cabin filters. Carter-Cash also offers oil filters, so you can have a drain in our workshops. It should be remembered that there are, in the automotive field, many car filters which are as follows: the particulate filter, which makes it possible to avoid harmful emissions of particles released by a car. The cabin filter, it manages the air that enters the car, preventing you from breathing polluted air and for which, without this filter, your car could become smoky with harmful gases. The air filter, which traps the dust sucked in from the outside air and thus extends the time between two cleanings of your vehicle’s engine. The oil filter absorbs impurities from the oil circulating in the engine, thus preventing it from losing its primary ability to clean your car’s engine too quickly. The gasoline filter, as its name suggests, is mainly present on gasoline-powered cars and helps to absorb impurities from the fuel in your engine. And finally, the diesel filter, which as its name suggests, is present on diesel cars and therefore diesels with the same function as the petrol filter, but for a completely different type of car. They all have special importance and it is important to know the difference between them. Each of these filters should be serviced and checked to avoid later problems during your ride. That’s why Carter-Cash is committed to offering you a very wide range of filters, to make your research much easier.

Steering and suspension parts

To avoid the risk of error, the use of the maintenance manual is essential for carrying out checks that affect the steering rods, ball joints, tie rods, idler arms and other steering parts. . Once the useful parts have been isolated, you simply have to go to the site to find the steering and/or suspension parts you need. Carter-Cash offers you a complete portfolio of steering and suspension parts. New references and brands are put on sale regularly in order to offer a range adapted to the needs of our customers. With Carter-Cashyou can ensure the stability of your vehicle with a range of steering and suspension ball joints, stabilizer rods, shock absorbers and stop kits, bearing kits, suspension spheres and trunk jacks.

Alternators and starters

Get your car started quickly and smoothly with batteries, alternators, starters and a choice of glow and spark plugs. Indeed, it is important to take great care of your starter and alternator, because they are essential parts for the proper functioning of the vehicle. The alternator is a part that provides electrical energy to your engine as well as to all the lighting elements that need energy to operate: the ceiling light, the radio, the air conditioning, the heating, etc. And the starter is used to start the engine of your car. Without a starter, your vehicle would not be able to move forward. When you have any problem with these parts, go to Carter-Cash to order new ones, in order to avoid a change of car and unnecessary additional costs.

Your car’s exhaust

It is important to check your car’s exhaust two to three times a year for proper engine operation. This contributes to the proper functioning of the engine, by promoting the regular evacuation of the burnt gases that it escapes. A car’s exhaust is also there to assist in the quiet running of the engine, because without it it would make a tremendous noise. If you encounter the following difficulties when you are on the road: unusual noises or vibrations at the level of the exhaust pipe, abnormal gasoline or diesel fuel consumption, an increase in polluting exhausts or visible corrosion spots on the exhaust . It is certainly the wear of the exhaust of your vehicle. It is then necessary to think of changing certain spare parts. Fortunately, thanks to Carter-Cash, you will be able to save money by changing the parts yourself, a team of professionals and car enthusiasts will implement their know-how to satisfy your request. We offer various parts for your car’s exhaust: particulate filter, catalysts, silencers, exhaust pipes and accessories. Carter-Cash is committed to finding you low prices on many car spare parts while always offering you the best quality. So now is the time to take advantage of the opinions, advice and experience of our in-store teams to guide you in your purchases.

transmission parts

The transmission range of Carter-Cash includes transmission universal joints, clutch kits and cables, rear axles and hydraulic thrust bearings. Speed ​​and reliability are highly valued qualities for an engine but also for an automotive parts supplier. Since 2002, the website Carter-Cash is able to deliver any part to you at any time, making every effort to serve motorists. Our range is just as impressive as our speed of delivery. Within the limit of available stocks, your transmission parts are available for collection in store, within 1 hour. And even some transmission parts are available for delivery within 48 hours to your home. You will find with us everything you need for the maintenance and repair of your transmission parts.

engine parts

Carter-Cash offers different parts for your car’s engine: radiator, water pump, belt, timing kit with water pump, Damper pulley, EGR valve / flow meter and engine mounts. If you think you can assemble your own engine, nothing prevents you from doing so. Despite the time it may take, you will save money for sure! After all, an engine part is an element like any other. Before you begin, you need to be sure you’ve found the parts you’re looking for. Carter-Cash offers you on its website different engine elements, which you will need! So, don’t hesitate to take a look. Order your engine parts online at Carter-Cashwhatever the brand of your vehicle: Mazda, Nissan, Renault or Kia or Toyota. Identify the engine parts compatible with your vehicle in a few clicks.

Equipment for the car

Carter-Cash also offers front and rear windscreen wiper blades, mirror glass and towbars. Are you changing the tires on your car? Why not take the opportunity to equip yourself with new steel or aluminum rims. Indeed, your car is certainly the equipment you use the most on a daily basis to make your life easier and especially your travels. Thinking about adding accessories on or in your vehicle will allow you to considerably improve your safety and your comfort during your journeys by car, more or less long. With new technologies and new car accessories increasing in number over time, you may be lost and have difficulty choosing your car accessories, but Carter-Cash allows you to discover all the equipment available for sale, to make your driving experience even more enjoyable.

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