LOA car: the most asked questions about car leasing

Can I make an LOA on a second-hand?

Yes, finance in LOA its occasion it is possible. This is no longer restricted to new vehicles. Leasing with option to buy second-hand is the specialty of vivacar.fr.

More and more motorists want a turnkey solution for their used car: an all-inclusive budget, maintenance, breakdowns and no longer dealing with resale. Used or new: the LOA is for all vehicles ! Good news ! Leasing offers are also available for the electric car in LOA.

Is it advantageous to lease a car?

Car leasing (Rental with Option to Purchase) is a financing solution that allows you to finance only the use of your used car. Concretely in rental you do not pay the car discount which weighs heavily on your automotive budget.

How does Rent to Buy work?

Car leasing is simple. You choose your vehicle (which is subject to VAT). You define the Location durationthe planned annual mileage, the amount of rent and options such as maintenance andExtended Warranty.

If you wish, you can make a personal contribution. With this data, it is possible to calculate your monthly rent. At the end of the LOA contractyou have two options: buy the vehicle (i.e. exercise the purchase option) or return it (which balances your leasing financing).

Which is more advantageous car leasing or purchase?

Buying cash or classic car credit does not only have advantages. In fact, you are going to withdraw a substantial sum of money from your savings to buy your second-hand car which, as a result of the car discount, loses its value with each use. This amount of money no longer provides you with earnings (interest). the cheaper leasing allows you to pay only for the use of the car and keep your savings in case of hardship without additional costs.

Can I carry out a rental simulation with an online purchase option on vivacar.fr?

Of course ! This is our primary vocation! For simulate your LOA easily and get your ideal monthly budget, with or without contribution, on the duration you want, a simulator is on each ad. You can thus move the sliders (contribution, duration, mileage) and instantly discover the amount of rent corresponding to this car and your budget.

How to get a car leasing offer?

Step 1 : To obtain an LOA offer on vivacar.fr, simply go to the vehicle sheet of your choice. At the bottom of this sheet is the financing simulator.

2nd step : Choose the formula (with or without additional services), move the rulers (contribution, duration, mileage) and find the amount of rent that suits you best. Then click on request your financing. All you have to do is fill out the questionnaire!

Step 3 : You instantly get an answer in principle. Your adviser will send you a final offer after reviewing it with you.

Step 4 : Our vivacar.fr expert teams will ask you for supporting documents for your situation. He will ask you for your identity card, your driver’s license, your payslips, tax notice, address. The process is secure and confidential.

Can I pay off my LOA before it ends?

In fact, you can pay the LOA financing of your occasion before its end. For this, you will have to pay the intermediate value of the vehicle on the end date of the contract. You can also transfer your contract to another person. A contract amendment is then issued.

Finally, be aware that LOA contracts are flexible. You can increase the mileage and revise the rental period during leasing according to the terms of the contract.

What happens at the end of the Leasing contract?

At the end of the contract; 2 possibilities are available to you. First possibility: keep the vehicle. For this, you exercise the call option and you become the owner. The purchase value is determined at the signature of the lease contract and remains fixed throughout the file.

Second possibility: you can return the car. The purchase option will be settled by this restitution. Lessors are free to leave on a new rental vehicle. Thousands of opportunities await you on vivacar.fr.

Do you recommend the LLD to me?

We clearly prefer the LOA because it is more flexible. Indeed, at the difference between LOA and LLD (Long Term Rental) does not offer the possibility of purchasing the vehicle at the end of the contract. This option at the end of the contract allows you to keep the car if you wish (subject to payment of the purchase option), to enjoy it freely as owner and to resell it whenever you want. This is the ideal situation when the call option is low.

What supporting documents do you need to make a car leasing for professional (company) and individual?

Are you an individual or a professional? And you want to buy a car in LOA,? But you do not know what supporting documents are needed to make a car leasing? Consult the list of supporting documents to be provided for the individual and the pro.

Is it possible to lease without contribution?

Leasing without contribution is possible but be aware that this will have an impact on your monthly contribution which will be higher than with a contribution. In addition, it will be more difficult for you to negotiate the terms of the contract without input at the time of signing.

Is it worth buying a vehicle on lease?

Leasing is a rental contract with an option to buy. It is an interesting solution for people who want to drive a new car without having to buy it. The lessors nevertheless have the possibility of buying back the vehicle at the end of the contract according to the value of the car.

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