27/06/2021, in Saint-gervais

Hello, I noticed the misunderstanding of the vine with the radishes, whether summer radish or black radish I experienced it over 2 years In the future, I will use the calendar as best as possible good and bad neighbours????????

Vuth July 19, 2020 Quebec

07/19/2020, in Quebec, Quebec

I appreciate this vegetable association table, which is very practical and useful for small-space ‘backyard or front of house’ vegetable gardens. And especially for beginners. This year exceptionally because of the covid-19, many people are starting to grow vegetables, flowers and fruits etc… and we make a lot of mistakes or rather we learn from each other… I’m going put into practice next year. Thank you, Vuth.

Isabelle c

05/18/2018, at

Hello Lala56: the risk in associating potatoes and tomatoes is that they belong to the same family and that they have common “serious” diseases (such as Alternaria). If one plant is contaminated, all are threatened. Personally, I also find it complicated to place tomatoes and potatoes next to each other, because of the mounding of one and the root system of the other. But you are right when you say that you have to do your own experiments. An unfavorable association in one gardener may be favorable in another because of the different growing conditions.


05/16/2018, in Priziac

Hello in the table it is written that the potato does not associate with the tomato, whereas it is quite the opposite, since from now on some buy tomato plants with potatoes below, personally by associating the two my harvest has never been so good, the problem is that on the internet we read everything and its opposite, just like on another site I had read that tomatoes and zucchini should not be put together, the last year despite myself the 2 ended up in a tomato greenhouse, my harvest has tripled, so I think we have to try because many associations are false as well as the associations to avoid, but the table gives a general idea, no negligible 🙂


21/04/2017, in Lebel-sur-quévillon quebec

I appreciate the article I take note of it for next season


05/11/2016, in Gradignan

There is no need for tomato plants for the vines to be sick unfortunately… Mildew is THE common disease but I grow vines next to tomato plants without worry. I treat both with Bordeaux mixture with success.


25/07/2016, in St martin du var 06670

Morning. unpretentious, I did well with my vegetable patch after taking care to plant marigolds and flax. I had no pest issues. ..Insects… good harvest of potatoes.etc.


25/06/2016, in Rixensart belgium

In my greenhouse I planted tomatoes and at the bottom of the greenhouse a small vine. A neighbor told me that it didn’t fit because of tomato diseases. Thank you for your reply. Loaf. .

Huguette Fournier

04/16/2016, at 07130 saint peray

I’m going to transplant artichokes, should I avoid certain neighbours?


02/06/2015, in Saint-pons-de-mauchiens 34

Hello, who can you trust when it comes to combining vegetables with each other? On this association sheet you do not recommend cabbage and tomato’, but on the “Cabbage” sheet the tomato is a good neighbour! Yes! How to find it? Are the region, the soil, the varieties parameters to be taken into account, for example? have a nice day max


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