the car buyback is often a popular solution vehicle owners. And for good reason ! Selling your car is not always easy. Whether it is between individuals through classified ads, word of mouth or garage trade-in, finding a potential buyer can be a real obstacle course. At maVoitureCash, we understand this. For this reason, we suggest you buy your used car so simple and secure. Get in just a few clicks a first estimate of the redemption price of your good. Then make an appointment with one of your experts to complete your project and give up your vehicle. Explanations.

Buying a car online: how does it work?

At maVoitureCash, the used car trade-in is at the very heart of our business. Regardless of the age or model of your vehicle, we evaluate it in order to offer you a fair redemption price. The operation, free and without engagementcan be done directly on our website, in just a few steps.

  1. Start by entering your numberplate and your email address. Our quotation tool finds your car, and automatically enters certain information (brand, category, fuel, etc.).
  2. Complete this information with more specific information such as the mileage of your vehicle, its color, its version, etc.
  3. Click on “Get my estimate” and get it without delay the price offered to you for the purchase of your car.

If this rate suits you, make an appointment with one of our automotive experts on video or one of our partner concessions at a physical point of sale in order to obtain a final redemption amount. During this interview, you will be entitled to a appraisal of the condition of your car, until you receive a fair price consistent with the current market. You will then be free to accept or refuse the buyback offer.

If agreed, sign the sales contract with the professional and collect your payment by bank transfer as soon as possible. On this occasion, you relieve yourself of all the administrative procedures (technical control, transfer certificate, declaration in the prefecture, etc.). Our teams and the dealer take care of everything. Note that the technical control is compulsory for the video meeting because it is necessary for the transport of your vehicle in the event of a sales agreement with the professional.

Get a free estimate and sell your car simply with the maVoitureCash tool!

What criteria should be used to define a trade-in price?

Have you ever gotten a first estimate of your vehicle ? Having an idea of ​​the amount of your vehicle is essential to be able to proceed with the redemption. On your side, the transaction must not make you lose money. Also, here are the criteria to evaluate before moving on to negotiation:

  • the brand: some manufacturers have a better rating
  • the mileage: the higher it is, the greater the discount
  • age: the more the years pass, the more your vehicle loses value
  • general condition: a well-maintained car is better valued
  • repairs carried out: they can reduce or increase the value of your machine
  • the prices applied on the market: by comparing the market prices, you will be able to refine your purchase price.

Finally, take stock of the equipment, which can provide safety, comfort, style or even leisure. Some of them can greatly increase the amount of your vehicle recovery.

How can I value my vehicle when buying it as is?

Anyone wishing sell your car wants to take advantage of a trade-in at an attractive price. Also, take the time to put the advantages of your car ahead. Take a look at the standard equipment that can be the source of great added value. Also note the customization options available to the vehicle and highlight them:

  • automatic gearbox
  • Power Seats
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • sunroof, etc

These are all options and accessories that increase both the comfort of your car and its value. The brand of your vehicle can also be a argument of strength for its redemption and the calculation of the price. Thus, BMWs are known for their powerful engine. Renaults are appreciated for their good road holding. Kias are known for their reliability, for example.

Finally, present a clean car. Briefly clean the interior and exterior of your vehicle. Then repair what is repairable: a missing hubcap, a badly fixed mirror, a non-functional radio, etc.

When is the best time to buy back my car?

There is no perfect time to buy back your vehicle. However, with each passing day, your machine loses value. This is mainly due to thecar wear, caused by the accumulation of kilometers or possible accidents. Depreciation occurs over time, even if your vehicle is not damaged or has been used very little. Its value decreases as soon as it leaves the factory, and with each entry of new, more efficient vehicle models.

Generally, the first three years following thevehicle purchase, the price decreases by about 15% per year. From the third year, its price drops by 5% per year. Finally, in four years, your car can lose nearly 50% of its value.

Note that in general, diesel vehicles suffer a significant discount. Similarly, when it comes to used vehicles, the most sought-after models are between 2 and 3 years old. Also, do not delay in planning the sale of your vehicle in order to get the best price.

What are the advantages of buying a car from home with maVoitureCash?

By opting to buy back your car with maVoitureCash, you get a trade-in price fair and consistent with the market immediate redemption by a professional. In the same way, in case of agreement, our experts undertake to take back your car at the price indicated on the contractual document.

Unlike the sale between individuals, the sale can be made without technical control (excluding redemption made by video with our experts). We take back your vehicle as it is, and you get your payment as soon as possible.

The formalities are simplified. On your side, you will have no specific approach to be carried out, except to sign the transfer document. The professional takes care of the rest and frees you from many constraints for a sale closed quickly.

You save time, and contrary to the sale between individuals, you do not have to manage the photos, the writing of an attractive advertisement on specialized sites, the calls of potential buyers, vehicle test requests, etc. In short, you free yourself from all the stress of reselling a vehicle and avoid scams.

As you will have understood, organizing the purchase of a used car is often a complex operation. If you opt for the sale between individuals, you will have to arm yourself with patience, and learn to correctly estimate your vehicle. Conversely, by opting for the used car buyback with our experts, you save time and relieve yourself of numerous administrative formalities. In short, you make a quick sale safely, but also in complete serenity.

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