Do you want to buy a new car for personal or professional use? Today, you no longer need to travel to find the ideal vehicle. From your computer, tablet or smartphone, access the Gocar platform and find the car of your dreams from a wide range of proposals. Intuitive and reliable, it is a marketplace that offers various resources to help you easily find the make and model of car that meets your needs. You have access to all vehicle details, allowing you to finalize the acquisition of your new car from a dealership without leaving your home.

Buy your new car with Gocar, the car marketplace you need

More and more people are choosing new vehicles for their many advantages. On Gocar, we offer top-of-the-range and luxurious new cars, but also models adapted to the smallest budgets.

The advantages of buying a new car from Gocar

More than just a means of transport, buy a new car confirms a certain social status. When you have the opportunity to buy a car fresh from the factory, you benefit from undeniable comfort and several advantages that are important to consider.

The warranty provided by the manufacturer is undoubtedly the first element that reassures the new buyer. With Gocar, you have direct access to new vehicles from dealers who offer protection in the event of problems. A new vehicle saves you from having to shell out money for repairs right after the purchase. You devote less expense to its maintenance during its first years of life. In the event of any breakdowns, you can also count on the warranty that comes with it to solve the problem in an affiliated garage.

You will also find on the Gocar platform a wide range of new cars who embark the latest innovations and technologies. Which is a real advantage in terms of driving comfort. Most of the time, the new vehicle is also more economical and more respectful of the environment. Less polluting technologies are being developed, such as electric cars which are very popular today for their low environmental impact as well as to be quieter.

Access the best prices on Gocar

In partnership with several dealers who publish their ads there, Gocar offers several categories of vehicles according to your budget. You will certainly find the prestigious and top-of-the-range car of your dreams, or even a
cheap new car to limit your expenses. Dozens of brands with their most accessible models are available to satisfy your desires. Modern and trendy, these are new vehicles offering very good performance.

The headings that are displayed on the Gocar automotive marketplace simplify your task when it comes to finding your new new car. You have the possibility to sort according to the type of vehicle desired, according to the brand or even the model. More than twenty photos of the same vehicle can be presented by the dealer for you to see all the details. All the features, on-board technologies and options are provided through a precise technical sheet. You can count on the reliability of the site to make your purchase with complete peace of mind.

Choose from a large number of new vehicle makes and models

The Gocar marketplace allows you to choose the new car that meets your needs and your budget. Undisputed leader among online car buying platforms, Gocar offers the possibility of choosing between a wide variety of models.

New SUVs for the happiness of the whole family

On the Gocar auto marketplace platform, you have the choice between a multitude of brands and models of new cars. If you are looking for affordable cars on the price side, but with very good performance, you can turn to the X3 and 1 series models of the BMW brand. Available in several variants, the BMW X3 is a high-end compact SUV developed by the German manufacturer. With series 1these are new vehicles that are comfortable to drive with a design renewed each generation and equipped with modern technologies for optimal driving comfort that are offered to you.

SUVs are popular because they are rugged vehicles and suitable for all terrains. Equipped with large side protection and an impressive shield, they better withstand shocks and driving on degraded roads. Ideal for large families, the SUV type car is versatile. Some models offer up to 7 seats for an easier group outing. Installed in a higher position, the driver enjoys better visibility with this type of car. You will thus find on Gocar several new SUV-type cars such as the Mercedes GLC
and its various engines or even the Ford Kuga from the American automaker.

Comfortable and inexpensive sedans

Sedan enthusiasts will also find the ideal car on Gocar, they can choose from a wide variety of new cars. If you are looking for excellent value for money, the range of the fiat tipo will surely make you happy. It stands out thanks to its prices located between the low-cost and generalist brands, which perfectly corresponds to the ambitions of the Italian brand Fiat, which is to offer functional cars at an affordable price.

Sedans are among the oldest car categories offered by car manufacturers. If they are still in vogue today, it is thanks to the many developments made by manufacturers for their improvement over the years. Sedans thus have all the modern features and an increasingly appreciable level of comfort.

The most recent models of sedans are available on Gocar. Very elegant, they are equipped with extreme comfort with generally clean lines and generous space. You will enjoy many advantages such as the transmission with BVA automatic gearbox which provides an even more interesting driving experience.

This type of vehicle is also characterized by a low height, which is appreciated by many motorists. With the 4, 6 or 8-cylinder engine depending on the case, diesel, gasoline or even electric fuel, the sedans have all the assets to please you. On Gocar, you will find new sedans that carry the latest generation equipment such as the reversing camera with birdseyethe adaptive cruise controlthe
internet and smartphone connectivityetc.

Finally, sedans are renowned for their good autonomy, because in general, their fuel consumption remains reasonable even at cruising speed. Apart from SUVs and sedans, several other types of automobiles are available on Gocar. You can therefore find on the platform new convertible cars, city cars, coupes, utility vehicles, station wagons, 4X4s, pick-ups, minivans or vans. Many car brands are also offered such as Audi, Citroën, Dacia, Peugeot, Volvo, etc.

Find new car dealers in your area

Another advantage of choosing Gocar to purchase your new car is the possibility of finding dealers near you. Specializing in the sale and purchase of vehicles in Belgium, the site allows you to filter your searches according to your location. You will therefore not need to travel a long distance to get your new car. Easily find ads from sellers who are close to you by directing your search to the Belgian provinces concerned. You will be able to consult the offers of new cars in Brussels, new cars offered in Luxembourg, Antwerpetc.

Gocar is a marketplace that makes it easy for you to acquire your next car. Do you want to buy a new car? With a Sedan, SUV or other criteria? Do your research in a few clicks by browsing through the various themes of the automotive sector. This saves you time, because you can now buy your new car without having to travel, from a professional dealership, and have your vehicle delivered to your home.

With the multitude of offers on the platform, in terms of brands and models, you will benefit from an easier comparison. It is much easier to get a comparison of the offers available on the market to make a wise choice. This frees you from having to shop around for dealerships, especially when you already have a limited budget. You have access to a variety of offers before you decide. You weigh the pros and cons by consulting the technical data sheets in order to select the car that suits you. You also save money regardless of the type of vehicle, because buying for new cars involves lower prices due to lower costs.

Whatever your new car needs, you are sure to find what you are looking for on the Gocar new vehicle purchase marketplace.

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