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Place the collar and the grafting point correctly

The root collar and the grafting point are two essential landmarks that allow you to estimate the correct depth when planting a tree.

The collar

The collar corresponds to a transition point which marks the transition from the root system to the trunk or stem. It is one of the most fragile parts of the tree which is sensitive to humidity, fungi, insects, nematodes and pathogenic bacteria which can cause significant damage and even cause the death of the tree. It is also a structural weak point through which the tree can be snapped by high winds.

For plant a tree and give it the best chance of survival, the snare should be positioned so that it is neither buried nor too airy. It is generally advisable to plant the tree at a depth whereby the collar is flush with the ground or that it is raised just 4 to 5 centimeters, no more. By positioning the collar in this way, the tree is better protected on its most sensitive part and has a better chance of surviving the winter.

The graft point or bead

The grafting point is, for its part, a bead which forms between the scion and the rootstock. It therefore joins the root system of the rootstock and the aerial system of the graft. The grafting point must be positioned in the same way as the collar of an ungrafted tree. It must not be neither buried nor too high. If buried, the tree dies from excess moisture or exposure to pests and pathogens. If the grafting point is too high, it is exposed to frosts which can cause the death of the tree and to winds which can break it.

The depth of planting trees in containers and in plugs

The depth of the welcoming hole the root system of a tree varies according to the support in which it is delivered. Thus, a tree in a root ball and a tree in a container should not be planted at the same depth. In all cases, the rule that the planting hole must always be wider and deeper than the root system it must accommodate.

Planting a root ball tree

When a root ball tree or shrub is planted, its root system contained in the root ball must be covered with exactly 4 centimeters of soil. It is also necessary to respect the recommendations concerning the collar or the grafting point which must obviously not be buried.

container tree planting

When it comes to planting trees or shrubs in containers, start with immerse the roots in a basin of clear water to properly soak the soil surrounding the root system. The container should only be removed after removing it from the water. The hole in which the tree is placed should then measure two and a half times three times the volume of the container.

Planting bare root trees

Some trees and shrubs for planting are sold neither in plugs nor in containers, but they have their bare roots. In this case, the volume of the hole and its depth are determined by the dimensions of the roots. Thus, it usually takes a deep hole of 60 to 70 cm and wide of 70 to 80cm to plant a tree with bare roots. If the roots of the latter are even more developed, it is possible to dig an even deeper and wider hole, the main thing is to ensure that the hole is always wider and deeper than the root system.

To plant a bare-root shrub, the hole should have a depth and a width of 40 to 50 cm.

Planting fruit trees

The planting fruit trees is a special case. These trees and shrubs require, in fact, holes whose volumes vary according to the type and quality of the soil. For poor soil, the holes should be deeper and wider, but for rich soil, it is possible to settle for holes just wide and deep enough to accommodate the roots.

To plant a fruit shrub, you need loosen the soil at the bottom of the hole to a depth of at least 30 cm. The planting hole must therefore measure 100cm wide and until 100cm deep, to allow working at the bottom of the hole. The loosened soil should then be replaced with topsoil mixed with compost or manure. The whole thing is then covered with a layer of topsoil and left exposed to the elements for three weeks before planting the fruit tree.

After planting the tree or shrub, care should be taken to tamp the soil well with your feet and to create a watering trough around the base of the tree using soil taken from the bottom of the hole.

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