Organic fruit trees

Organic fruit trees in the garden?

Who has never wanted to revel in fresh fruit picked at perfect maturity in their garden? What a pleasure to see it grow, and finally be able to reap the fruits of your efforts!

It is the objective of my job to give you the means to cultivate your fruit trees in order to pick your own fruit !

The varieties I offer are made for anyone looking for healthy production, thanks to hardy plants, and looking for new flavors, thanks to little-known fruits… The planting of these varieties, old and rare, allows them to be saved. and allows you to enjoy flavors not found in stores!

For this I produce varieties from the Hauts-de-France region, I am accompanied by the regional conservatory of genetic resources of Villeneuve-d’Ascq (CRRG), and I also produce other varieties because of a character interest of the latter: earliness, flavors, resistance to diseases, these will be more present in the nursery over time.

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Production certification, for organic fruit trees, and an unchanged price:

To guarantee you a purchase of organic fruit trees: with good environmental impact… Attention, 3 species are not labeled: vine, dogwood, apricot, I work with other fruit tree nurseries.

Need advice and support?

You are moving, want to furnish your garden, garden-forest, or simply buy fruit trees, I am at your disposal to guide you in your planting projects, so that they can best meet your needs, in terms of organization of the plantations, their maintenance and the desired harvests…

To do this, contact me by phone or via the contact page.

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A quality delivery service, discount.

The fruit trees are carefully prepared for safe transport. For this the roots are protected from drying out. The packages are padded with straw, reusable after planting as mulching material!

Aware that the delivery of trees is expensive due to the bulky nature of the plants, I make the effort to offer you a delivery service with a decreasing price. As well as the possibility of choosing pruned trees to fit into a smaller, and therefore less expensive, package.

You will have the choice between :

  • Pick up your order at nursery. It will be kept there in gauge, possible withdrawal from December to March.
  • A delivery Collissimo : This service accepts packages up to 1m long. The plants are therefore pruned to fit into the package. Plants smaller than this size are naturally not cut back (Blackcurrant, Gooseberry, etc.). The advantage for you is a delivery with a lighter price! You will have the choice between home delivery or pick-up point. Decreasing price, free delivery from 250€ of purchasebe careful plant lowered to about 80cm because the roots must also enter the box!
  • A delivery Geodis, taking packages up to 3m long. The plants are therefore not pruned to enter the package. Decreasing price, free delivery from 500€ of purchase.

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As I said above, the objective that I have is to allow you to obtain your own fruits. This therefore requires the supply of quality plants, adapted to the climate and resistant to diseases, but also by learning how to take care of the trees to produce quality fruit.

For fun learning and discovery, watch and subscribe to the Youtube channel !

Find tutorials and the presentation of the activity on chain !

The project is as follows:

Produce organic fruit trees

This is the job of a fruit tree nurseryman because it is necessary to produce a healthy, vigorous, straight tree, and to provide the customer with the right rootstock with the right varieties, which stick to his expectations, his needs and desires, and correspond in term of pollination…

The AB label, on the other hand, guarantees the customer that his purchase has been produced in an approach that respects the environment. The nursery uses green manure to fertilize the soil and promotes biodiversity to limit the presence of pests. All at an unchanged cost compared to conventional.

… Of resistant varieties

In order not to have a tree dependent on treatments to offer quality fruits, and so that it can live in good health.

For this, I choose resistant varieties, and I am accompanied by the Regional Center for Genetic Resources which preserves the traditional varieties of the region!

… Of diversified varieties

The goal here is to have access locally to dietary diversity.

The varieties are therefore very diverse, first of all in terms of taste and periods of maturity.

But they are also different in terms of species.

For the moment you can mainly buy fairly classic fruit trees, but my goal is to eventually develop other lesser-known species and therefore offer “new” fruits in the region! (American vines, asiminier, feijoa, walnut heart etc.)

Transmit my knowledge

I find that supplying the tree is only half the battle for you to get fruit from your fruit trees…

For this, I intend to develop a learning part with the nursery to help you acquire skills.

So you will benefit from my experience as an enthusiast, and as a nurseryman, as well as the experience that I have acquired over time in contact with the sector.

I will then teach you what I know about the pruning of trees and their maintenance in general: all with the aim of obtaining fruit in quantity and quality as regularly as possible from one year to another…

This will be done by two means: articles written on the site in the tutorial tab, and videos on Youtube: can be found here (click) to get the most out of your organic fruit trees.

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