For nearly a century, the chrysanthemum has been the undisputed star of All Saints cemeteries in France. A very colorful flowering plant, it honors those who have died in autumn with its multi-shaped flowers. Easy to take cuttings, you can easily prepare your own pot in the spring, giving it even more meaning.

‘Kopi Luwak’, ‘Jacu Bird’ or even ‘Black Ivory’ are names that speak to you? If this is the case, you are ready to pay between 200 and 2000 € for a kilo of coffee, a famous beverage whose production method leaves you somewhat speechless!

The cocker spaniel, an outstanding hunter

Cheerful, lively, very playful and affectionate, the English Cocker Spaniel is an ideal little companion dog for a family who will know how to bring him lots of love and lots of activities. His hunting abilities have been somewhat forgotten, and yet he proves to be formidable and versatile in this area!

Leucothoe fontanesianathe leucothoë de Desfontaines is a so-called heather shrub, moderate in size, with a neat and rather vigorous habit, easy to integrate into the garden: at the edge of terraces, in beds, on the edge or even to maintain an embankment.

Dead leaves, a gift for the gardener

Think carbon footprint, biodiversity, and keep your leaves! Keeping dead leaves and reintegrating them into the garden is beneficial from an ecological point of view. They are useful in carpets or columns, to mulch young plants of limited hardiness, but also to improve the soil.

For nearly twenty years, smiling, even grimacing and luminous pumpkins have adorned tables and window sills in our country to celebrate Halloween. Some object that this holiday is purely commercial, others reject the American symbol it inspires, but what is it really?

Do you like arugula? So you have to cultivate it! It is extremely easy to grow in a garden at various times of the year as well as in a balcony window box. Leaves, flowers and seeds are eaten.

The Bush Tomato Community Project

In a world where the freedom to create hybridizations and even to share seeds for free is prohibited, the ‘Dwarf project Tomato’ is a pioneer. However, this idea is beginning to gain ground, in a movement advocating awareness of sustainability, sovereignty and food security.

Once harvested, the coiled Paxille, Paxillus involutus, is now a mushroom considered poisonous, even deadly.

Molucella, Bells of Ireland, Molucella laevis

Molucella laevis, the molucella, is an amazing annual plant with green flowers: its inflorescences are tall pale green candlesticks that highlight all the other colorful flowers. Very easy to cultivate, the bells of Ireland come back easily in spontaneous sowing the following year.

What to do in the garden in November?

My hosta flowers very late!  by JULES VERNE

In November, autumn is here and winter is actively preparing in the garden paths. The last bulbs must be picked up and put away. Fragile plants urgently receive their winter protection to start afresh in the spring.

It is also the time to plant the heathers, chrysanthemums and spring bulbs (snowdrops, crocus, narcissus, tulips,…). do not forget thoughts and primroses that will brighten up your walkways from the first rays of sunshine. The rose bushes stubborn and pruned, all that remains is to return dahlias after the first frosts. The still warm ground is very humid. Perennials take the opportunity to settle in preparation for the beautiful season to come.

In the vegetable gardenit’s time to harvest lamb’s lettuce and crosnes. The leaves of tomatoes meet at compost with the remains of the last mowing of the grass. In the orchard, meanwhile we are active. Fall is the best season to plant all your trees and shrubs. The proverb is there to remind us: “At St. Catherine, all wood takes root”! Prefer specimens with bare roots for more success and above all do not hesitate to water abundantly! Fall is also the best time to prune trees or shrubs.

On the balcony, the pots must be tucked in or at least protected from frost.

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