At a time when the temperatures are getting cooler, why not invest in a jumper from the innovative range designed by Alexis Giannotti? Concerned about the preservation of our planet, this entrepreneur opened his shop in the Principality last September.

On September 22, 2022, Alexis Giannoti’s artist studio instead of 17 Avenue de l’Annonciade turned into a pretty shop. Inside, various very soft sweaters, T-shirts, gloves and hats from the brand he soberly baptized “Giannotti”. If the design is very refined, like the decoration of the showroom, the great particularity of the stylist’s signature lies in the materials and the manufacture.

Indeed, Alexis Giannotti’s pieces are a subtle mix of responsible cashmere or merino wool with more surprisingly… coffee grounds. “It’s a fiber that required a year of testing before being used “, explains the 36-year-old stylist and is delighted with this formula “100% biodegradable which will have almost no impact on the environment. »

The chilly will be delighted, this fiber retains body heat. It is odorless, and by its extensibility, marries each body according to its morphology. Only problem, it cannot be tinted with all colors, because of its gray undertone. But Alexis Giannotti says it himself, his articles are “minimalist, simple and functional”. No need to overdo it. “We will never be Dolce Gabbana or Versace”, he likes to compare.

Florence, his city of heart

After obtaining his literary baccalaureate, the young bachelor put down his suitcases in Florence to study design and architecture. What does he like? The creative side. On the other hand, mathematics is another story… So he decided to follow the passion that had driven him since the age of 16: fashion. In the highly reputed school in the city of Polimoda, Alexis Giannotti passed his marketing and communication license exams with flying colors. Freshly graduated, he embarked on the creation of his first brand “Omogene”. He presents his streetwear creations in several major fashion events such as Pitti Uomo.

If he immediately targeted quality by turning to “same suppliers as Hermès”the clothes he imagined were made from synthetic fibres… Until it clicked. “In 2018, after 4 years with Omogene, I came across an article in the scientific press denouncing the environmental impact of the textile industry. You should know that with each wash, microparticles end up in the sea.” For this surfing enthusiast, it was urgent to act for our oceans.

The Italian designer indicates that the fabric market is made up of 70% by the synthetic market and 30% by the cotton market. But beware of received ideas. Cotton is not such a clean material. “Cotton is often mixed with acrylic and grown with pesticides. Chemicals are added to obtain a bright white, but above all, growing cotton requires a lot of water”he explains.

3D printers

He therefore decides to start from scratch and embarks on a “tremendous research work” for one year. A breathable, natural and resistant fabric, these are the criteria that mesh ticks when it is made from a 3D printer. “The Japanese brand Uniqlo uses this process” which, in addition to avoiding seams, also avoids fabric scraps.

It takes about an hour to print a sweater and about ten minutes for a hat. “It’s faster and cheaper”remarks the creator. “Italy is the country in Europe where these printers are most present”, explains the creator who goes there very regularly. The items are therefore designed in the Principality and made in Italy.

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Ethics guide him even in the materials used for the renovation of the workshop. “We used untreated wood, paint that is not harmful or even LEDs”. The packaging is made from recycled paper and is biodegradable.

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Who says luxury often says inaccessible prices, but this is not the case of the Giannotti brand. “Ethical fashion must be affordable to be democratized and thus make a real change on the environment”, thinks the entrepreneur. The prices therefore vary between 60 euros for a hat and 200 euros for the most expensive sweater in the store. Many customers are already conquered! It’s up to you to take the plunge… A good gift idea to slip under the Christmas tree. Know that each new customer receives a 30% discount as a welcome.

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