The gardener loves all seasons!
At vegetable garden in springthe awakening of nature also awakens the gardener who is busy in the garden: sowing vegetables and flowers, new plantations, landscaping the garden, weeding and pruning!
Summer is the season when you spend the most time in your garden: barbecue, fruit harvest… We seek the coolness of a pond, the shade of tall trees… Long holidays allow for long days in the garden and summer vegetable garden with the kids!
The leaves of the trees are already coloring, and the rains are much less rare than in summer: autumn is here. Excellent news for the gardener: who says rain, says regular watering. Ideal for new plantings, and for the new lawn that has just been sown! Moreover, fall is also the best time to spruce up your lawn: repair holes, remove moss, aerate the lawn, add fertilizer. for the right mower, for that, rely on our buying guides. Beds, ponds, shelters or garden greenhouses, flowerbeds or mixed borders… we have a wealth of garden design advice to share with you. And to properly structure your garden, follow the landscape advicethe garden ideas of our enthusiasts through our Picture gallery. Hundreds ofgarden inspiration to arrange your garden, your vegetable garden but also your balcony or terrace.

To find out when to plant a particular flower or vegetable, when to prune a particular shrub, and all the things to do right now in the garden and vegetable patch, see our gardening calendar !
Do you believe in the influence of lunar phases on plant growth? Day after day, find the right things to do in the vegetable garden, in the orchard or in the ornamental garden in our moon calendar, depending on the type of day (roots, flowers, fruits, leaves). “In the moonlight, my friend…”, the lunar calendar accompanies you day after day. Root plants, flower plants, leaf plants, rising moon, waning moon, lunar node: we explain everything to you! Even on gardener’s days off! Check out our guide.

At vegetable garden in autumn, feed the earth! Prepare the place for the next plantings by adding compost to the soil. By the way, do you have a composter? Soon, the matinees will dress in their white dress, announcing the arrival of a beautiful winter. Trees and shrubs delight us with their flamboyant colors before falling asleep until spring. “At Sainte-Catherine, every tree takes root! “. Fruit trees, shrubs, it’s time to maintain them. Treat, prune and take cuttings. Give some winter covers! The “Marcel Pagnol” roses with their beautiful red roses fill the paths with the promise of superb fragrant bouquets. Perhaps you could plant a new variety for the next beautiful flowery summers?

In the vegetable garden, work the soil without refining it too much, amend, sow green manure, mulch… In short, pamper the soil, all the plants in the vegetable garden will give it back to you! Also find all our tips for your organic vegetable garden ! Take advantage of the last rays of sunshine, there is still time to sow. Broad beans, radishes, peas don’t fear winter! Why not create a square of aromatics? Our calendar explains day after day the seasonal works to be planned.
The ladybug having worked all summer, looked for a roof to shelter when the north wind came! The lizard, the bird, the hedgehog, the bee, the butterfly are precious helpers for the gardener. Give our friends shelter for the bad season! A simple but effective tip: plant friendly plants side by side, good yields guaranteed! Strawberry “ostara”, as well as other varieties, will appreciate the company of lamb’s lettuce and leeks. Do not hesitate to ask us for advice.
Do you know all the vocabulary of the garden? Are you familiar with gardener’s jargon? Our gardening glossary explains to you in a simple and complete way the definition of all these terms so specific to the garden and to plants!

Share your enjoyment of the garden with your children or grandchildren through garden workshops. A good way to make them aware of this area is to start with the youngest across the vegetable garden coloring page : so that they know how to recognize a zucchini, a radish… before learning with you how to grow them and enjoy them! Cook vegetables, fruits and edible flowers from the garden with our garden recipes !

Help my plants are sick! What to do when aphids have invaded your roses? When your vegetables wither for no apparent reason? You need to find a natural remedy, respectful of the environment, quickly: go to our database plant diseaseto know everything about the plant in question, make sure that it has all the necessary growing conditions before diagnosing what is the problem that is eating away at your plant and finding the best treatment.

While the outdoor garden lives and comes alive with the seasons, the house garden offers a breath of fresh air in winter, while waiting for sunny days. Follow our advice on house plants to succeed for sure and adopt a zen and natural decor. Aromatic herbs, salads, strawberries in pots, in planters make a beautiful interior and good meals. But be careful, Minou loves plants! Dedicate a corner of greenery to your cat, he will be grateful to you and indoor plants will be spared! Pamper it, go to the pages dedicated to our faithful four-legged friends to take advantage of our advice on animals.
At Christmas time and its white frosts, the house is adorned with a thousand decorations and the famous Christmas tree! Floral compositions, green plants, bouquets are all gifts to offer on this beautiful family celebration. Also think Decoration and Layout, we are overflowing with gift ideas!
Enjoy your visit to the world of Gamm vert!

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