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Artificial Hedges and Synthetic Foliage to delimit private spaces or landscape gardens are increasingly popular. In addition to being aesthetic, these blackout solutions do not require daily maintenance and are at the best value for money. With our FRANCE GREEN signed products, say goodbye to mowing and watering and keep beautiful foliage with natural imitations in all seasons. Our Artificial Foliage comes in the form of Plant Walls and Extensible Trellis.

We also offer Reeds and Kits of PVC Rigid Slats, Natural Fences and Screens in Woven Canvas. Our blackout solutions are handpicked, high-end and easy to install. Anti-UV treated, guaranteed non-toxic, recyclable and made from noble raw materials, they are weather resistant.






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With our different ranges, you can create the layouts of your choice. From the rehabilitation of hedges to the covering of used walls, the possibilities are endless whether you are a fan of naturalness, PVC or green spaces. You will be able to create shades, space boundaries and 3D hedges.

But FRANCE GREEN products are not limited to the function of screen and shade. Thanks to our Extensible Lattices that you can open up as you wish and our Flowered Vegetal Walls, you will bring your interior and exterior walls, floors and ceilings back to life. Artificial Foliage and Synthetic Walls can be clipped together at will and cut out.


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