A staircase is an architectural element allowing circulation between 2 spaces located on different floors: one above the other.

If being functional is its essence, it must also be practical, adapted to its environment and safe.

To fit into your decor, a staircase must meet your needs and correspond to your aesthetic tastes, while being perfectly adapted to the constraints and measurements of your interior.

Because your project is unique, our stairs are entirely created and made to measure. Our Technical-Commercial teams accompany you to give free rein to your desires!

Decorative Stairs®:

  • It is a creative center dedicated to innovation, guided by more than 40 years of experience in the design of metal stairs.
  • They are a factory in France south of Auxerre and a workshop in Bordeaux. It is thus the guarantee of a quality French manufacturing signed Escaliers Décors®
  • There are 5 Showrooms in France: Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Bordeaux and Nantes.
  • It is an integrated Design Office, combining creativity and pragmatism to give each staircase a unique personality.

At Escaliers Décors, we consider that our mission is as much to provide you with a technical solution in the light of our expertise, as to make your staircase a sculptural and designer piece of furniture for your interior.

The design of your staircase is customizable. It can adapt to the existing one, like setting the tone of your decoration:

  • In the first case, the goal is to have the impression that it has always been there and to give you life in a coherent whole.
  • In the second case, opt for a singular or daring aesthetic, full of character or for the beauty of simplicity without artifice (Less is more by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe).

We invite you to discover on our website an anthology of our achievements and an overview of the possibilities available to you.

We juggle with passion between respecting technical rules and freeing our imagination for the design part.

To break the codes and reinvent your interior: innovation, inventiveness, curiosity, daily improvement approach are at the heart of our state of mind.

An Escaliers Décors staircase is:

  • Benefit from personalized support with the know-how and expertise of a specialized professional.
  • Ensuring you, for more than 40 years, of French manufacturing in our Burgundy factory or our Bordeaux Workshop since 2021. Escaliers Décors is a member of the French Fab.
  • Create, in close collaboration with your Consultant, a unique piece for your interior. Personalization is central to the inspiration of our designs.

Our job is to accompany you from the technical and aesthetic design to the installation, as well as the finishes of your staircase.

It’s combining imagination, inspiration, know-how and making your staircase the backbone of your interior.

Choose the shape and style of your staircase according to your wishes from a wide range.

We invite you to imagine yours with us!

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