How many times have you ever replaced your plants?

For a long time opinions differed on the fact of choosing to put plants or artificial flowers to decorate our living spaces with greenery. Today the reality is that more and more people are replacing their plants with semi-artificial or artificial ones. The REALISM is such that it is sometimes very difficult to differentiate them from their big sisters! The reasons for buying an artificial plant are multiple and often obvious.

How do you care for your plants when they are in a second home? What to do when the location where you want to put your plant lacks light? How many of you find your plants roasted by the sun and the lack of water when you return from vacation? What is the state of your plants at your workplace when you return from vacation? As you can imagine, the list could go on and on…

The benefits of the purchase are not only AESTHETIC but also ECONOMIC! Not to mention the peace of mind and not being overwhelmed with caring for your plants.

Of course the objective is not to go 100% artificial and natural plants have all their charm! But in many cases, choosing an artificial plant is a wise choice.

You always dreamed ofhave beautiful plants in your house. The lack of time and watering got the better of your greenery! How about a maintenance-free plant that is green all year round and does not require light!

Professional or individualyou are looking for a wholesaler or supplier to buy your cheap artificial plants and flowers ?

Flore Events has selected for you artificial plants and flowers from superior qualityto best price and a great realism. Perfect replicas of natural plants. For even more realism, the foliage in terylene material (mixture of fabrics and plastic) offers a high level of finish, right to the end of the leaves. You will be amazed by our flowers with a Fresh Touch finish which will surprise you even when touched. Arranging your exteriors will no longer be a problem, find a complete range of 100% plastic artificial flowers and plants and plants for specific use on terraces, balconies and gardens.

Buy the best quality/price ratio of high-end artificial plants

Buy SUSTAINABLE and SAVE by choosing a real high-end artificial plant at a low price!

We have selected for you on Flore Events artificial plants of quality and GREAT REALISM which take up the details of a real plant. The materials used in their design most often come from real trunks or canes as on artificial bamboos. For even more realism, even when touched, the foliage is made of terylene (mixture of fabrics and plastic) found on most artificial plants, which gives plants as real as nature. You will find inexpensive plants suitable for use INTERIOR Where OUTSIDEwith a wide choice of varieties at the best price-quality ratio.

Artificial plants for exteriors have the particularity of being entirely made of pvc for better resistance to bad weather and UV treated for some people. Artificial boxwood or artificial cypress, very resistant outdoors, will allow you to put your terrace or balcony in the green for sunny days. In search of an exotic artificial plant, artificial palm trees, artificial banana trees and artificial ficus will bring you the desired style and atmosphere without worrying about exposure or climate. To decorate your planters and balcony boxes, discover artificial green plants, artificial ivy, artificial grass or artificial flowering plants.

To create separations in your offices or hide from the opposite, artificial hedges will be an ideal solution. Full of advantages, artificial hedges and screens make it possible to quickly install a blackout floral screen. For event professionals looking for fire-resistant artificial plants, you will be able to organize a trade show, fair or other event in complete safety. Namely that all our plants can be treated and receive an M1 certificate. A wide choice of decorative artificial plants including artificial laurels, artificial cacti to create, for example, a dry garden with cacti. Want a Zen decoration? Find a selection of the most realistic artificial bonsais. We also find the timeless Mediterranean plants with olive trees, citrus fruits or even lavender.

Quality artificial flowers AS REAL AS NATURE

Flore Events is also a selection of trendy artificial flowers and artificial compositions Of the nicest effect. Our collection of artificial decorative flowers will surely seduce you with a realism closer to the real flowers they imitate. You can match your creations to your decorations by choosing, for example, a flowerpot in the colors of your interior. The artificial flowers bearing the mention Fresh Touch benefit from a latex coating for even more realism both visually and to the touch. The artificial flower allows more extravagance in terms of floral creations and durability that will allow you to enjoy your floral creations for a long time. The timeless artificial orchids will seduce you as they are realistic. Need to decorate a space or a wall? Artificial garlands, artificial foliage and plant paintings are waiting for you.

A collection of artificial trees of ALL SIZES

A selection of artificial trees to create a plant atmosphere indoors or outdoors, on a terrace or balcony. We offer artificial trees of small and large sizes, which will give you the possibility of recreating decorations of all kinds: flowery, exotic, Asian, design. Our artificial and semi-natural trees are delivered ready to install, only models exceeding 1m80 can be in two parts to fit together very easily. These fake trees are in weighted pots to ensure good stability and on bases to be fixed to the ground for large trees. Most often made from real wooden trunks, they take up with finesse the details of the trees from which they are inspired. You will place them in the location of your choice without worrying about any light or heat constraints. You will be able to choose freely according to the style of your decoration, the colors and your tastes in terms of varieties.

For your decorations or landscaping of your garden and terrace, our synthetic turf is available in rolls of several widths and lengths. Also discover a range of decorative flowerpots for indoors and outdoors.

Flore Events is a wholesaler specializing in artificial plants and the online sale of synthetic plants. A professional in artificial plants with the aim of offering plants and flowers at affordable prices for the benefit of all categories of customers.

The varieties of artificial plants offered by Flore Events

Artificial trees and shrubs are available in medium and large sizes. With branches and natural trunks, these plants are also made with moss, fiberglass and PVC. In terms of their size, palms, pines, oaks, and bamboos can reach up to eight meters, while bonsai are available from 20 cm. The cut flowers are designed with flexible stems and quality terylene coated flowers, perfectly reflecting the natural. Anthurium, rose, amaryllis, azalea, iris, peony, cosmos, and orchid, many creations are available to customers all year round. These flowers are ideal for home decor or to give as a gift. As for foliage, they are found in the form of branches or artificial hedges. These are also sold to be used in the creation of bouquets of flowers, as well as in the realization of displays or showcases. Individual giant leaves, bushy greens and broad-leaved palms are offered to both professionals and individuals. There are also small flowering plants and artificial grasses that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor decor. These include falling plants, garland foliage, potted cacti, and ornamental grasses, among others. Otherwise, there are also lawns, in rolls or in plates, which have benefited from an anti-UV treatment to resist the sun’s rays. High-end products par excellence, these are available at a density ranging from 30 to 40 millimeters, and in several colors, from light green to dark green, through soft green and olive green.

All the ADVANTAGES of artificial plants

Whether for indoor or outdoor use, artificial plants are full of benefits. Simple to set up, resistant and requiring very little maintenance with a simple cleaning or dusting from time to time. Individual or professional, they are found in all rooms of the house but also on terraces and balconies.

WHY CHOOSE artificial plants?

  • You don’t have time to take care of your plants
  • You are often on the move
  • You don’t have a green thumb
  • Your living room lacks light to see your green plants thrive properly
  • You own a secondary house or apartment
  • You wish to put an exotic plant and this one could not grow in the natural state
  • You are looking to create a unique and trendy plant decoration
  • You don’t want to have to prune your plants regularly
  • You are looking to keep a plant at the right size
  • You do not want to see your plants in bad shape when you return from vacation
  • You do not want to use chemicals to treat your plants
  • You want to avoid seeing insects in your home
  • You want to put a plant near a heater or air conditioner

If you think you find yourself in one of these points, then artificial plants are surely made for you.

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