December 6, 2021

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Capcom shows off official video of Devil May Cry 5 on the Steam Deck

As more developers get their hands on a Steam Deck devkit, we’re seeing plenty more show their games and now Capcom has taken a turn with Devil May Cry 5.

Unlike a lot of what we’ve seen previously via small clips or plain pictures on Twitter, Capcom went a tiny step further by making a video on their official Capcom USA YouTube Channel – that’s quite a bit of extra advertisement power there for the Steam Deck.

The video description notes the gameplay is being presented by the Lead Game Designer.

That looks like it runs very nicely too, very smooth action. Not totally unexpected though, since Devil May Cry 5 has worked well with Steam Play Proton for quite a while now. Since the Steam Deck resolution is only 1280 x 800px, most games should hopefully scale down quite well for it.

In case you missed it: Proton 6.3-8 was recently released. With more games working, DLSS for DirectX 11 and 12, CEG DRM support and more.

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