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November 28, 2021

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All Secrets of the Pacific Intel Locations in Warzone (How to Complete All Challenges)

The latest Warzone event is live as we run up to the release of the Pacific Map. If you’re trying to unlock the blueprint and a speak peak at the Caldera map, here are all Special Intel locations for Warzone’s Secrets of the Pacific event challenges.

The cryptic challenges took a little while to work out, but we now have all the info for you.

How to Complete Warzone’s Secrets of the Pacific Event Challenges

Once you’ve found the intel item, a challenge will start. It’s not clear if they’re specific for each intel item, but mine have asked for variations of ‘survive # circles or win the game.’

An icon will pop up in the bottom left of the screen to say you’re doing it. Once it’s complete the challenges will be done.

It seems like you can only do one per match.

All Special Intel locations

Bear in mind, it’s not clear if these challenges are the same for everyone. The locations to start them are the same for everyone, however.

  • Jailbreak – At Prison, where the original Gulag is. Head right to the bottom, using the sewer pipe on the eastern side of it and head up the stairs into the bathrooms. In there, look for the stairs that go up to the outside. The intel, which is a baseball bat, is on the bench next to the stairs. (Challenge: Survive 1 storm circle or win the game)
  • On The Air – In the electronics store in Promenade, just out the front of Train Station. Head inside and right to the back. You’re looking for a microphone on a stand by a table that has a typewriter on it. (Challenge: Survive 3 storm circles or win the game)
  • Fast Food – Head to the roof of Airport and drop through the glass onto the roof above the shops, where there are benches and stuff. On that level, you’ll see a burger stand on the far west side, right by the wall. On the counter there is the intel. (Challenge: Survive 3 storm circles or win the game)
  • On Your Feet – Head to Verdansk Hospital. Head into the main building, where the helicopter would usually be and look for the reception desk. Opposite that desk is a corridor with a surgery room. On the bed there’s a blue medics box, which is the intel. (Challenge: Survive 4 storm circles or win the game)
  • Abandoned – Head to the mine shaft west of Airport, up on the hill, and head into the cave. You’re looking for a cigar box next to a barrel. It’s be just off and left of the kart track once it’s raised a little. (Challenge: Survive 2 storm circles or win the game)
  • Secrets – Head to the bunker near Array, which you’ll find by looking for a groups of shipping containers. Head down the zipline and carry on until you find a small room with three door, a set of beds and a desk with a poster above it. Next to a set of papers, you’ll find some small battleships. That’s the intel.

For completing all of the challenges you’ll be given a bonus weapon blueprint (“Bomber Menace” STG 44) which can be used one Warzone Pacific Season 1 begins on December 8.

The Secrets of the Pacific event is running in Warzone right up until the new map releases, so you have just under two weeks to find all of the special intel for yourself.

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