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November 29, 2021

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Valheim gets a new patch, plus teasers for Mistlands and Caves

Iron Gate are showing off more of what’s to come with the next major upgrade for Valheim, along with a small content patch. First up we have patch 0.205.5 which is out now and it includes a new armour set, along with something stirring in the swamps – oh no, it’s scary enough.

They also showed a teaser of this new armour set:

Okay, that looks pretty slick.

There’s also a new auto-complete option to help enter console commands and these bug fixes:

You’re all here for the new biome updates though right? Well, here’s a shot of the Mistlands with a note from the developer that “The landscape is starting to take shape and the mist itself has begun to roll in, but what hides there still remains unknown…”

As for the mountains getting Caves, well, they also teased that “we’re working on caves for the Mountain biome, and they may or may not have some lupine inhabitants…” with this shot:

Valheim is available to buy on Humble Store or Steam.

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