December 7, 2021

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Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle adds Linux support in the new update

Along with a major upgrade to the base game, Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle, Season One now has native Linux support. This game was originally available via and Newgrounds, where it was quite popular, with the Steam version bundling all content together.

Update version 5 added Linux support, new animations, Steam Cloud support, improved performance for low-spec machines and various other improvements.


  • Experience an exciting mystery story told over ~10 hours
  • Discover a unique hybrid of Visual Novel & 2D adventure game that celebrates & parodies multiple anime genres
  • Investigate crime scenes & interrogate witnesses from a top-down perspective
  • Defend your client in court with evidence & cross-examination
  • Play minigames as varied as turn-based battling and downhill drift racing

Looks like it will run nicely on the Steam Deck too, which the developer showed a shot of on Twitter.

Available to buy on Steam.

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