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November 29, 2021

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Lands Awakened is live now for Albion Online, big open-world improvements

Albion Online, the free to play MMO that has native Linux support, has been upgraded with some massive improvements landing in the Lands Awakened update.

One of the big noticeable changes is the rework of the open-world areas. Expect to find improved visuals and layouts in all the biomes, better mobs that become stronger over time and give better rewards, a rework of dungeons and treasure sites that spawn randomly and more. You also get the War Gloves weapon, new Elite levels for weapons and armour, a rework of Guild Seasons and so on.

To mark the occasion a new trailer has been released:

Some of the other improvements include:

  • Loadouts can now be purchased directly from the Marketplace
  • Large resource nodes now spawn as treasure sites, appearing on the map to those nearby
  • Improvements to farming, rerolling, building fees, and party commands
  • Numerous combat balance changes
  • Massively expanded soundtrack with 17 new tracks
  • Real estate plots added to Outlands towns
  • New Artifact resources
  • Bug fixes, mobile optimizations, new icons and achievements, and much more

This sounds like a really great time to finally jump back in. Maybe it’s time for the Linux Guild to rise again…

You can play free on Steam or the official site (referral link).

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