December 7, 2021

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Dragon Age Director Leaves BioWare

Kotaku reports
that Matt Goldman and BioWare “have mutually agreed to part
ways.” Goldman was senior creative director of the Dragon Age series. The
post shares an internal email from BioWare studio GM Gary McKay admitting this
will have an effect on the ongoing development of Dragon Age 4, but that
the company remains committed to eventually shipping a top quality game:

hope you are well. I’m writing to inform you all that Matt Goldman is leaving
BioWare. We have mutually agreed to part ways, and his last day is today.

We understand that Matt’s departure has an impact on you, as well as the game’s
development. Rest assured our commitment to a high-quality Dragon Age game has
not waivered, and we will not ship a game that is not up to BioWare’s standards.

We, including EA’s executive team, have absolute confidence in the leadership
here at the studio and the people working on this game to carry forward our

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