December 7, 2021

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PS Plus Free Games for December 2021: What are they and when do they come out?

It’s coming toward the end of the month, and I’m sure many of you are eagerly looking forward to the PS Plus Free Games for December 2021. What are the latest rumours? When will the announcement come? Let’s break it down.

When will PS Plus December 2021 games be announced and released?

Traditionally PlayStation Plus games have always been announced on the last Wednesday of ever month at 4.30 PM UK time with the games going live the following Tuesday morning, but this month is a little different. We know the November games are live until December 6th so that means the reveal should be on December 1st rather than November 24th. That said, Sony occasionally decide to change things up and announce them earlier or later and that happened last month when they skipped the usual date and just picked a random date and time.


What will the PS Plus December 2021 games be?

We’ve done some sleuthing and think we know at least one of the games, namely Heavenly Bodies.

The game launches on December 7th, which is the day the next batch of PS Plus games goes live and it has featured in not one but two State of Play broadcasts, Sony are promoting it heavily. The biggest indication that it’s coming to PS Plus is that you cannot pre-order the game, and it’s also console exclusive to PlayStation and there is a PS5 version.

As for the other titles, rumours suggest we might get Gran Turismo Sport. With the new game just months away it would be an ideal choice to promote the new version. However, Sony’s Christmas PS Plus line up is usually quite weak as they don’t want draw attention away from all those lovely full priced games that are on the shelves so we might just get a couple of obscure titles.

PS Plus December 2021

PS Plus December 2021: Is Gran Turismo Sport part of the line up?

The past few months the French website DealLabs has leaked the games early but so far they have not posted anything. Keep an eye on this page though, if anything leaks out we will post it here!

Can I still download the November 2021 PlayStation Plus Games?

Yes you can. The PlayStation Plus games for December are Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning for PlayStation 4, First Class Trouble and Knockout City on both PS4 and with a PS5 version, plus three bonus PSVR games which will remain on the service until 3rd January.


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