December 7, 2021

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How to spawn a Boss in A Universal Time (AUT)

Roblox A Universal Time received a large update in November 2021, which completely changed up the map and added a whole lot of new stuff. One of these things is the ability to spawn and fight bosses. These can give you some pretty sweet rewards, so you will likely want to give this a shot at some point. If you’re wondering how to spawn one, we’ll show you how in this guide.

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Boss Guide

The new boss mechanic can be used by heading to the Devil’s Palm desert area of the map. To locate this area, head to the football (soccer) field on the map. This is near the main park area where all of the dummies are located. Once you arrive there, you should look in the opposite direction of the park while on the field and you should see a bridge that you can travel on to reach the desert.

Once you’ve cross the bridge to the desert, head to the left side of the area. You will see some tall gray pillars that have blue glowing light on them. Head towards them and you will eventually arrive at the altar area.

Now that you are at the altar, go up to the green cub in the middle of it. To spawn a boss, you will need a Cursed Orb to summon Hollow, or you will need the Tales of the Universe and a Cursed Orb to summon Umbra.

Hollow will possibly drop the Hallow Shadow The World Requiem or the Urzan skin. Umbra will also have drops, but we aren’t sure what those are yet.

These bosses are much easier if you have a group, but they can be soloed if you have the skills and patience to do it!

That’s everything we know about spawning a boss in Roblox A Universal Time. We have a lot more coverage of the game in the A Universal Time section of our website!

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