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November 28, 2021

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Halo 6: Infinite Achievements Guide

Achievement Name Description Gamerscore First Contact Lost, and found. 10 Together. Again? Explore the underbelly of Zeta Halo and retrieve a weapon to turn the tide of this conflict. 10 Ascension Defeat the Banished warlord Tremonius. 10 Zeta Fight your way through Outpost Tremonius and step out onto the surface of Zeta Halo. 10 Fallen Follow the UNSC signal to a Banished stronghold called the Tower. Find the source. Get out alive. 10 Unearthed Shut down the Banished mining laser and gain access to the Conservatory. 10 Hunter. Killer. Defeat the Hunter pair stationed at the base of the Spire. 10 Pelican Down Shut down the first Spire and stop Zeta’s Reformation before it’s too late. 10 One Down… Destroy a Banished anti-aircraft gun. 10 Brothers Grim Take down the Spartan Killers Hyperius and Tovarus. 10 Light the Way Reach the Beacons, assemble the Sequence, and gain access to the Command Spire. 10 What Will It Take? Enter the Nexus and learn the secrets of the Spires. Trust is a fragile thing, isn’t it? 10 Hear These Words! Infiltrate the Command Spire and put an end to the Reformation. 10 Together. Again. A friend is in danger and time is running out. It’s time to face your past and save your future. 10 Reckoning Storm the House of Reckoning. 10 Legends At the end he was just a soldier. Hoping he’d done the right thing. 10 Too Many Goodbyes Defeat the Harbinger. Confront the truth. 10 Set a Fire in Your Heart Complete the main campaign. 30 Bare Your Fangs Complete the main campaign on Normal difficulty. 30 Fight Hard, Die Well Complete all main campaign missions on Heroic difficulty. 30 Headmaster Complete all main missions on Legendary with all Skulls active. 100 Evasive Maneuvers Unlock the Thruster ability. 10 Grab Some Cover Unlock the Drop Wall ability. 10 Visionary Unlock the Threat Sensor ability. 10 Thrusters On Full Fully upgrade the Thruster ability. 10 Impervious Fully upgrade the Drop Wall ability. 10 Big Brother Fully upgrade the Threat Sensor ability. 10 Outpost Discovery Complete a Banished outpost. 10 Bunker Buster Complete all seven Banished outposts. 20 Reclaimer Capture your first Forward Operating Base. 10 Resurgency Capture all available Forward Operating Bases. 20 Who is Max Valor? Complete all Valor-awarding activities. 40 We’re On Our Way Answer a UNSC distress call. 10 No One Left Behind Answer all UNSC distress calls. 20 Headhunter Eliminate a Banished High-Value Target. 10 Bloodstars’ Bane Eliminate all 15 Banished High-Value Targets. 20 Dispatches From the Front Access your first UNSC Audio Log. 10 Canon Collector Unlock all UNSC Audio Logs. 10 Two Sides to Every Story Access your first Banished Audio Log. 10 Know Your Enemy Unlock all Banished Audio Logs. 10 Infinity Down Access your first Spartan Audio Log. 10 Rubicon Protocol Unlock all Spartan Audio Logs. 10 Hidden Experience Locate and secure a Spartan Core. 10 Mjolnir Master Acquire all Spartan Cores. 10 Getting Defensive Fully upgrade your Energy Shields. 10 Reaching Out Fully upgrade the Grappleshot. 10 Money in the Bank Access your first Mjolnir Armor Locker. 10 Armory Amore Access all 34 Mjolnir Armor Lockers. 20 Eld Aficionado Scan a Forerunner Artifact. 10 Haruspis Scan all seven Forerunner Artifacts. 20 Headstrong Discover your first hidden Skull. 10 Catacomb Discover all hidden Skulls. 20 Please Shut Up Take out a Banished Propaganda Tower. 10 Off the Air Destroy 40 Banished Propaganda Towers. 20 Gun Runner Take down all three Banished AA guns in under 20 minutes. 10 Forza Veloce Complete all 14 main missions in under eight hours. 40 Passing the Gas Kill a Grunt that’s been thrown by a Brute. 10 Nosebleed Check out the best possible view. 10 Those Wonderful Toys Successfully use the Grappleshot 50 times. 10 Aegis Fate Deploy the Drop Wall 50 times. 10 All-Seeing I Use the Threat Sensor 50 times. 10 Run Rabbit, Run Use the Thruster 50 times. 10 Whip-Riding the Ghost Use the Grappleshot to board an enemy Ghost. 10 Wait, I Can Throw Those? Throw 50 fusion coils. 10 Bring Shiela Home Safely Get the Scorpion all the way to the “House” without it blowing up. 10 Takes One to Make One Splatter an enemy with a Ghost. 10 Wars with Friends Bring some rescued UNSC Marines along for the ride into a main mission. 10 Wanna Have a Catch? Stick 50 enemies with grenades. 10 A True Test of Legends Complete all main campaign missions on Legendary difficulty. 30

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