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November 29, 2021

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Devorian: Left Behind

Our steampunk adventure game has received bunch of news last month. At last we have introduced Devorian: Left Behind in a new teaser, and created it’s own website, where you can find basic features and information about the game and about our future plans. At the moment you can add it to your wishlist, as it has its own official public profile on Steam, where we plan to release it!

As for the development itself, we found a few features and bugs that required our attention and took a while to get under control. What we thought was working well had to be reworked. Some might count it as a setback, but we choose to see it as means of fortifying the foundations. You know it, when something does not work, just re-do it completely! 😄 It’s a step back, but it is followed with a jump forward!

Join us on our Discord server for regular sneak-peeks and updates!

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