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November 28, 2021

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Judge dismisses antitrust lawsuit filed against Valve

In April, Overgrowth developer Wolfire Games filed an antitrust lawsuit against Valve, alleging that Steam’s dominance in the PC gaming market enables it to extract “an extraordinarily high cut” of the sales made through its storefront. Valve responded in July, saying Wolfire’s complaint failed to meet “the most basic requirements of an antitrust case,” and asking the judge to dismiss it as a result. In a ruling filed today, the judge in the case agreed with Valve.

The ruling, available in full on CourtListener, says Wolfire’s lawsuit falls short on two separate points. First, the claim that Valve is illegally tying the Steam store to the platform—essentially, using the near-monopoly of Steam as a library, launcher, and social media platform to force people to buy games through the Steam storefront—is rejected because the allegations in the lawsuit suggest that the Steam platform and storefront are in fact “a single product within the integrated game platform and transaction market.”

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