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November 29, 2021

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Crazy Warriors Review – A Fast-Paced, Quick-Switch Action Platformer

Sometimes the simplest games create the strongest compulsion loops. Crazy Warriors definitely tries to plead that case, mixing together a midcore brew of shooting and platforming that you can learn in a matter of seconds. And it just about nails it. 

The game has two buttons – shoot and jump. You run forwards automatically, and it’s up to you to leap from platform to platform and blast everything that moves. But there’s a twist – the game’s setting changes quickly. 

One moment you’re a superheroine lashing out with a golden rope, the next you’re surfing and blasting down angry mermaids. Then, in a split second, you’re a cave-dweller hurling bones at your foes. It certainly keeps you on your toes. 

Play for long enough and the changes come thick and fast, meaning you need to react to new situations and weapons before you’ve really had time to recognise what’s coming next. It’s a special kind of frantic, and you can’t help but smile at the mania when it really kicks in. 

There are shades of Punch Quest and Super Crate Box here, but crushed down into smaller, far more frantic sessions. Even when you get a decent score, a run isn’t going to last more than a scattering of minutes. When you die, the game pretty much taunts you into another go – a skull has a good laugh at your feeble attempt and you’re just a tap away from trying again. 

There are slight changes between all the levels – whether it’s the Flappy Bird-esque controls of the surfing sections or the variations between the different weapons, but after your first go you’ll have learned them all. 

Crazy Warriors isn’t a game that’s going to stick in your memory, but it’s a brief treat for your fingers, a sugary slosh of action platforming to fill a few minutes here and there. It’s snack-sized gaming at close to its finest, and it’s hard to not get sucked into its sweaty-palmed, frantic nonsense. 

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