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November 29, 2021

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Vacancy Unlimited

Patch notes for zombie rpg Vacancy Unlimited Build 0.515.

What I’ve been working on :

Added new gun HK416c

Added new gun Spas12

AR15 less recoil
AA12 Mag Capacity increase
Drones can now be grappled
Added drones to Lowell
Drop key bug fixed
Fixed issue where changing VSync wouldn’t set after changing levels

Last week I added the new map, Lowell. You can test it now on Steam!

Lowell Gameplay

What’s coming next :

Continuity changes
More Time of Crisis aftermath
Priority Target Changes
Drone Changes

The Spryward Prototype

Spryward is a character in Vacancy Unlimited. For fun I’ve released an early prototype of what a Spryward game would look like. You can play that now for free on Indiedb!

Download Spryward


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