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November 29, 2021

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King of Seas’ Monster Update Makes the Seas a Little Bit Scarier

King of Seas Monster Update

King of Seas’ oceans can be a scary place, given that your protagonist is a pirate. But a new “Monster Update will take things to the next level.

Out now, this free update doesn’t force its beasts on you but they’re there, dwelling beneath the surface, and if you tackle one of this seafaring action RPG’s new quests, you’ll have to face them. Aside from that, the update introduces friendlier sea-dwellers including whales, and killer whales (friendly if you’re not a seal at least).

The beasts in question include:


  • Basilisk,
  • Abyssal Fish,
  • Cursed Golem,
  • Kraken

Yes, you’d think a golem would sink but, going by the trailer, the golem flies, so it can murder you from above. The abyssal fish is also a giant angler fish which, if you’ve played Outer Wilds, you’ve already had nightmares about.

We dipped our toes into King of Seas back in May and came away impressed so more content, especially since it’s free, is entirely welcome. It’s available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam and the update should be out right now on all those platforms.

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