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15 Satisfying Shotgun Sounds in the Video games



Mar 21, 2022

Shotguns could be among the most satisfying weapons to wield in video video games. Are they superb for each scenario? No. Can they be a ache to reload? Positive. Do they provide unimaginable destruction and visceral pleasure? Sure and sure. Sound design can go a good distance in serving to to attain that so let’s take a look at 15 shotguns with among the most insanely satisfying sounds in the video games.

Double Barrel Shotgun – Quake


Quake’s Double Barrel Shotgun is a good instance, annihilating foes with explosive-sounding pictures that don’t outright overwhelm the Player. They nonetheless really feel highly effective although and reinforce that feeling of being a nigh-unstoppable Ranger towards the world.

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