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10 Prime Kenshi Greatest Overhaul Mods For a New Expertise



Mar 16, 2022


Kenshi is a good game. I find it irresistible. Nevertheless it’s a good higher game in case you have mods put in and Christ, this game has an enormous modding neighborhood. You could find your self a whole bunch of fancy mods on Nexus or the Steam workshop, let it’s graphical mods, new armor/weapon mods, new races, remade cities, and lots of different superior issues.

I’ll talk about a few of my favourite mods that change Kenshi fully, point out their professionals, and why they’re superior! Let’s begin with….

10. Hippity hoppity you are now my property​


Humorous title.

And it’s a humorous addon as nicely. This addon provides over a thousand strains to your Kenshi, they seem when any person is enslaving you, attacking you otherwise you’re simply approaching a random stranger to speak with. These strains might be humorous, impolite, or simply disturbing. Superior!


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