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10 High Kenshi Finest Medium Armor (And How To Get Them)



Mar 16, 2022


Medium armor hits the spot. It’s for many who wish to keep within the combat somewhat bit longer and never undergo the results of carrying an excessive amount of weight+coping with unfavourable results. They offer you extra armor, typically acid resistance, and at occasions, unique-looking armor units.
I received’t bore you with my lame intro and get straight into the armor. Let’s begin with…

10. Plated Longboots​


These boots are made for strolling~

They’re simply boots. We gotta begin someplace and we’ve began with Plated Longboots. They’re good, they cowl 40% of your legs and ensure your legs don’t rot whereas touring the barren wastelands of Kenshi. They kinda hinder your stealth capabilities however in case you are a combative adventurer, then this shouldn’t concern you!

Why these boots are superior:

  • 40% protection
  • First rate armor
  • Solely four kilograms!

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